San Fernando Valley PUA's!!

Whats up comrads?? I'm basically trying to put a small-core group of PUA's from the San Fernando Valley (25-33) to hit up Hollywood, OC, Pasadena, etc, etc....It would be cool to form a small crew of loyal wingmen to hit up cool spots from an eclectic bar to an all out social club scene and anything in between!!
If you're a loyal, down for whatever kind of PUA...hit me up!! I'm new to this community simply because I'm a natural and know that there's always room for improvement no matter at what level in the game you're in. We're all equals and there to aid each other without any fronts....period!!!
1. wing each other
2. loyalty - any AMOG in the way, they're either getting mental, verbal, and IF NECESSARY, physical repurcussions!!! We rollin' together not to instigate trouble, but to roll over anything that gets in OUR way!!!
3. exchange club hook ups
4. networking for misc.
5. exchange advice, teach each other
6. rock the scene!!!!
Hit me up....peace!!!