Westside – Santa Monica Mentor wanted

Hello all. I’m looking for someone to take me under his wing. I am a total GPUA. Never had a bad time with women, I actually get a fair amount of girls. But I don’t ever approach girls. So I never score the ones I would like to. I’ve just never felt comfortable opening a set, even a 1 set ( I know 1 is not a set, that was my great comedy coming into play). I consider myself a pretty good looking guy, I went out last weekend and two 6’s came right up to me and told me I was Hot, I got one to kiss me on the cheek after talking for about 2 minutes, but they weren’t what I was after. People tell me that I’m actually pretty funny and engaging once they get to know me. But for some reason I don’t start conversations well. Maybe it’s because I don’t have good openers or maybe it’s because I don’t DHV well or at all. The biggest reason is that I haven’t figured a way to consider it all a game and not give a shit. Either way I would really like to find someone who is really good at Pickups to go out with sometimes. I work a lot so this would probably only be once or twice a week, I’m also still reading the Game, so I’d like to start when I’m done.
So if you’re looking for a good student who has some natural abilities that just need someone to help mold their techniques I’m your man. Please PM me if this is something you’re interested in doing. I’d like you to be close to my age which is 27. I have friends that are young 35’s so I can get along with older people fine. But 40 might be pushing it.