Looking For Wings in L.A. area

I have been on the community for a couple years now. I have purchased a variety of products and even attended last years Superconference. For me my biggest challenge is getting past the first encounter with women. The programs have given me some great advice and techniques, but, for me they are useless without taking action.
I have lately been going out with friends to certain clubs around L.A., but with little or no results because of those limiting fears that has been plaguing me for quite some time.
I am not so much into the night-scene, but I have been giving it a try to see where it goes.
If anyone is interested in practicing their approaches, or looking to go out with someone away from the friends you usually associate with, like me, then hit me back and maybe there will be a way to get better results. That is what I have been looking to improve..
Shoot me a message if interested...