First Time Sarging in LA, Looking for Cool Wing(s) to Show Me the Ropes

Hey, guys. I currently live in Japan now, but my parents just recently moved to Long Beach, and I will be visiting them for 2 weeks from Dec. 15th-29th, 2013. I've been doing a lot of sarging in Japan and have banged some really fine chicks, but my experience state-side is a bit limited. I have only been to LA once in my life, and that was about 8 years ago, so I haven't a clue where the good PU spots are. If any of you reading this is going to be in LA from Dec. 15th-29th and want to give me a few pointers, I'm all ears. Send me a private message, or just post on this thread.

Personal information:

White/Caucasian, 29, been kicking game for about 3 years.


Large breasts, Asians, Red-heads, DSL, girls in their early 20s.