CSU - Long Beach | Summer 2013 | Potential wing or friends | Information gathering

Hi, I'll be attending CSULB for my M.S. degree and looking for potential wings or friends. Since I'm new in the area and I'll be looking for places to live. Any advice or information is appreciate

I'm soon to be a Magna Cum Laude graduated and CSULB has made me a great offer for an out of state student. I'm 80% committed unless another school makes me a offer that's irresistible.

About me: I'm not smart but I have determination. I'll be sarging for certain since I'll be breaking up with my gf or do a distance thing, whether I do it solo or with a friend it's all the same to me. I don't drink, smoke, or do any drugs .

To viewers: I'm interested in people with determination and goals in their life, other than pick up. I experienced the fraternity life and had my moments.

Much Luv,

PS: I'll update this later and feel free to PM me