Visiting player from the Paris Lair : Things to do in LA / Wingman Call

Hey guys!

I'm a player from the Paris Lair and I'll be visiting LA for the first time in ages (Nov 28th - Dec 9th). I'll be visiting my best friend who happens to also be in need of a serious kick in the nuts to shake up his overall lifestyle.

So part of the program will obviously be sarging (The epicenter of pick-up, I'm excited about this!)

I'm hoping you players can give me a heads up about the right places to pick up students, girls in their twenties and such. Also about anything you'd suggest seeing and doing in LA besides pussy!

And of course should any of you want to wing with frenchmen, it would be a genuine pleasure to meet californian players - and definitely a good motivator for my buddy who I know is full of potential.

Thanks for your answers!