Looking for places to go, stuff to do, and like minded dudes....

28 years old. Born and raised in So Cal. Been gone for eight years but now I'm back. Looking for ideas/places for dates and wings or guys that just wanna chill every now and then. Been doing pick-up for about seven years. Mix of MM/Direct stuff.

I live in NOHO but I'm down for going anywhere in L.A. Currently working and going to school in Santa Monica so if anybody wants to chill while I'm out there let me know. I got class on Tuesday and Thursday.

I'm mexican and american indian but chicks think I'm persian for some reason. I've mentored newbies and hung out with experienced dudes. I've met Owen and some other RSD dudes in Hawaii and some old MM guys in Cali. I'll hang out with anybody really as long as you're somewhat normal.

Send me a pm or text. 805-603-3979