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Discuss Traveling PUA from Holland coming to LA. at the CA - Los Angeles Lair within the The Attraction Forums. Dating Advice.; Traveling PUA from Holland coming to LA. Dear Pua 's, I'm a Dutch traveller coming ...
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    Traveling PUA from Holland coming to LA.

    Dear Pua's,

    I'm a Dutch traveller coming to America, home of “The Game”.
    Still making arrangements but probably be in CA (LA) around November till December.

    I hear the hottest women in world life in California. Can't wait to meet some and have some great adventures.

    Would like to work there but my visa would not allow it, maybe I can find a volunteer job or something. If you know anything let me know, maybe a Hostel, café, bar.

    I'm also going to couch-surf. If you got a couch for me to crash, a shed to spare, place for a tent in your backyard. I'll be grateful. I'm real easy going.

    Send me a message and maybe will meet up in the near future and have a ton of fun.

    Cheers Fulow.
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