I guess I'm gonna have to reach out for help... (San Gabriel Valley)

Let me explain my current situation so you all know what's up: Right now, I have nine hours to study for a test on three weeks worth of Biology and I haven't even opened my book the whole semester. I have a bad case of being a procrastinator, i.e., "fuck-it" syndrome. Unfortunately, this also extends to my sex/love life. I'll go out intending to meet a girl but end up settling for getting fucked up, and this isn't acceptable.

The best place to study when you don't want to is the library because that's what it's designated for, you'll find other people studying as well. Unfortunately, the only library for pickup is quite literal, it is just a collection of knowledge, the intended environment for it is everywhere. I'll approach a girl every now and then because I see she's already interested in me or the opportunity is there, but I need to be able to do it consistently. This is where having a wing comes in.

I don't need a wing to find a girl, I just gotta put myself out there. The whole point of having a wing for me is to have purpose, to make meeting women the sole reason I'm out. The reason my friends go out is to get inebriated and have a good time, which I usually end up doing as well. I figure someone from the pickup community might help keep me focused (I do have ADD).

I'm located in the San Gabriel Valley, in between LA and Pomona. I don't drive, so logistics may be an issue, but I really just need to get out there for the experience. I'm also 19 and my ID sucks, so anything 21+ is out.