Torrance, PV, and Extremely Nearby Places

I'm down for the club scene and what not, but I'm looking for some down to earth guys who are looking to day-game more than anything (I'm 19). (I mean I really want to go to clubs, but the chill ones are typically 21 and up. For real, I gotta get my fake.) Really, I'm looking to make some good friends who are down for some awesome adventures and living life. In terms of actually sarging, I'm pretty new it. In terms of understanding this stuff, I can hang--I make friends fast and I can talk to total strangers no problem, including girls. Apparently, people think I'm really disinterested in them. (Not true, I love people.)

My interests: I'm a pretty intellectually kid. I like reading, writing, and chess my favorite game. Lately I've been delving into religion, psychology, music and fashion. I think I'm about to start taking up math. I love sports: volleyball, basketball, baseball, football, and soccer. I really want to learn how to surf though!

Physical Attributes: I'm asian, 5'10/11, and I've been consciously trying to gain some weight. No, I'm not one of those skinny guys--I was a fat ass up until high school. However, after going to college and making some new friends, I realized though I may have been really strong as a kid, as an adult, I'm pretty weak. So, right now I'm at +/- 185 and am currently in the process of building muscle mass then compress it all. (I've taken a page out of Ferriss' book.) I guess I have a good build--a bit of baby fat, but I'm trying to make myself the best me possible.

Dress: I'm pretty preppy (that classic American 50/60's style, not this modern pseudo-rapper bullshit), skater, surfer. I mean they contradict, but it's pretty much describes who I am.

Music Tastes: Pretty much anything and everything I'm into rap--not the top 40 kind-- electronic music, Oldies, Indie rock, Reggae, Punk (less into it now though but still like a lot of the old stuff)

Message me and I guess I'll reveal a bit more: have to be careful of what I say in public right?

Hope to hear from you soon,

Keep It Irie