Looking for Wing/Wings LA Pasadena Novice to Real Game

Im 19 and just moved to LA last week. I've been game aware forever but its time to get some steez. My biggest flaws are definatley the first 5 minutes of an approach and non long drawn out closes. Im booked up enough. Im looking for wings to keep me motivated and force me into sets that i always puss out to when Im alone.
Looking for someone to kick it with while I work on this part of my life and preferably someone thats good that i can draft from. Im a forgien language major and i speak english and spanish, i can understand some italian,and i am taking russian() but im pretty much down to kick it with anyone that whom we can culturally mix and immerse. mandarin arabic w/e.. I can sarge all weekend friday thru sunday. cold approach anyone?

just don't expect me to wear one of those fucking furry hats.