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    Rider79 Guest

    A line when she says she has a bf...

    "you say it like it matters"

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    Rider79 Guest

    "im not a piece of meat..i wanna be romanced"
    "if I wasnt under a strict moral code.. I would totally let you take advantage of this situation"

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    This is the signature at the end of my religion professor's emails, looks like gold to me:

    Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

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    please post banter

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    Assorted Banter

    1) HB: You're (whatever) [funny, crazy, weird, gay, etc.]

    PUA: Hey, I just try to give the public what they want.

    (Credit: I don't remember where I saw this, but it was a pretty serious community reference. Surprised it hasn't shown up here yet.)

    2) HB: (She says something outrageous, or complains about something.)

    PUA: Medic! [Called out to the venue in general]

    (Credit: "Sex and the City")

    Following are some ones I've used with success -- some I may have seen before but others are spontaneous:

    3) (The following can be said randomly, or in response to an HB's shit test or other feisty remark...)

    HB: (whatever, or not)

    PUA: Don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful!

    (The meaning is, "Don't hate me for being beautiful," but the actual words are a famous tagline from a commercial from the 80's with Kelly LeBrock of "The Woman in Red" fame, for Clairol or Revlon or something -- hair care or makeup.)

    4) HB: (Says or does something really feisty or mischievous.)

    PUA: You're a little criminal! Where's your black mask?

    (Similar to previous post, "You're a little terrorist," but more sensitive for those who don't wish to use that word.)

    5) (If HB randomly sits or stands next to you, but not as obvious proximity IOI or AI...)

    PUA: I don't blame you -- I'd want to sit (stand) next to me too.

    (If she's giving you proximity IOI/AI, then you should be moving right into qualification rather than going backwards in the sarge by running attraction, which is what banter is.)

    6) HB: (Accuses you of something, or says that old line, "You know you love it!")

    PUA: Hey, I'm an attention whore, what can I tell you.

    7) HB: You're funny! (sexy, pretty smooth, etc. -- positive things)

    PUA: Ah, it's a gift, what can I tell you.

    (Say this with mock conceit and a blase attitude, as if you couldn't care less, but with a mischievous smile. Usually gets a shoulder punch or a big laugh.)

    8) (She drops, spills something.)

    PUA: Clean-up on aisle 7!

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  13. If she asks me to pass the ketchup or slide a coaster across the table to her:
    "you know . . . I spoil you"

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    it changed mine but the best of is only for posts that add value. thx for the props though!

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    If she says, "I went to sleep today" or something about sleeping in general.

    "How was your dream about me?" I find that if you throw them C&F lines out there and move quick, the frame still gets across without resistance.

    For a compliment:
    Personally, I like to use: "You don't have to flatter me like this to win me over."
    "I'm not THAT easy"
    "You're going to need a better sales pitch than that."
    "Look at you, you're all over me."
    "Let's take it slow, I need comfort and connection first."
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  23. I know this topic is old, but I loved it (and I think many others do).

    And, I'm watching That 70's Show atm, last season (it sucks compared to the others, but still...). And I saw a genius line:

    HB: Are you hitting on me (or any version of that)
    You: No, I'm the romantic type. Flowers, Candy, dinners... And you've given me none of that

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    Soupoftheday Guest

    (She gives you playful resistance)

    "You know, I'm not afraid to fight a girl"

    or, my favorite

    "Listen, I've fought bigger girls than you before"

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  27. I just finished reading this whole thread and I must say... I was a little disappointed that it ended. But here are two that I've used and always get a good response with

    HB: You're a <smartass, jerk, player, "womanizer">
    Me: I do what I can...

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  29. HB: [some cooking related talk]
    ME: It's not like you ever cook for me anyways ... You'd probably burn toast if there wasn't a timer

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