Tucson Venue Reviews

Tucson Venue Reviews

Tucson is a “small town”. There are typically only one or two venues worth going to per night, save weekends. Although you may run into some of the same people on some nights, in some places, Tucson offers enough places to sarge at night to build the skills of a successful PUA.

Monday night
The only place I have seen that is worth going out on a Monday night to is Club Congress. On Mondays they have an 80’s night which gets to capacity, about 500 people. Like Thursday nights at congress, there is a very regular crowd of hipster type kids.
Price: 2-3 dollar cover, 3 dollar drafts, 4 dollar and up drinks

Tuesday Night
Championships at Sam Hughes on 6th and Campbell gets packed on Tuesdays. Mostly a college crowd, it is the quintessential Tuesday night spot in the Old Pueblo. Expect frat type amogs to abound, which are easy enough to diffuse. There is a smoking patio, a dj inside, and a crazily packed bar. Make friends with the servers there; they’ll get you your drinks MUCH faster than waiting by the bar (~20-30 min). There may also be a line which can move quite slowly (mostly for no reason as well).
Price: No cover and $2 drafts all night long.

Wednesday Night
The Cactus Moon is probably the most popular Wednesday night spot. On Wednesdays it’s Ladies Night, and there are lots of good looking women around. There are also lots of chumpy AFC guys. Most of the guys there have no idea how to attract a woman, and there also seems to be very little AMOGs and naturals. Pulling from here is pretty easy and there are often a good selection of 8’s, 9’s, and even a few of the rare Tucson 10’s. The smoking section is very cool and has a constant rotation of girls (good because the music is somewhat loud inside).
Price: $5 dollar cover for guys, reasonably priced drinks.

Level is also an option on Wednesdays. There is no cover. The last few times I went to Level on a Wednesday the girl to guy ratio was bad. The very last time it was a total sausagefest. This may be because of the reputation it has- it is one of the hottest clubs in Tucson on weekends and has some pretty good looking women. Expect a 25-35 crowd here, and on Wednesdays there are some decent drink specials.

Thursday night
4th Ave is happening from Tuesday through Saturday, but Thursday night is its specialty. Expect a college crowd, very drunk and a lot of fun. It is traditional to start at Maloney’s, which can get a long line, then hit up O’Malley’s, and later possibly North on Fourth. No cover at any bar that I can think of. Opening sets on 4th itself is fun, easy, and effective. Venue hopping is fun as well.

Club congress is host to Thursday nights “Optimist club”. Same mix of hipsterish guys and girls as is found on Mondays.
Cover: $3; drinks reasonably priced

Friday night
North up in La Encantada gets a good crowd on Fridays. It is a slightly older crowd, like Level, 25-35, and somewhat clicky. It is upscale as well, being located where it is. I don’t have too much experience here, so I will leave it at that.

DV8 gets packed on Fridays. This is an 18+ club, for what it’s worth. The crowd is very regular, because the girls have no other choice of where to go. A lot of them are cool though, and there are a lot of young hotties. When I was 20 I went here every week; I quickly blew the venue out using indirect game. Lots of chumpy 18-20 year old guys, which are easy enough to blow out if they even have the balls to approach.
Price: Men 18-20: $15
Men 21+: $10

The Meet Rack is an awesome dive bar, with a grungy and slutty attitude. You’ll know what I mean if you go. I’ve only been there on a Tuesday (my birthday, they give you a free bottle of champagne if it’s your birthday). Don’t be fooled though, this place is not classy, but that’s not necessarily bad at all. I want to check it out on a Friday, because it is apparently packed that night, and there are a TON of hotties for a “dive bar”. This is on my to-do list.

Saturday Night
Saturday night your options are plenty.

Level in Tucson gets packed full of hotties aged 25-35. It’s a classy place with good isolation spots and bangin house music.
Price: $5 dollar cover; drinks priced at about $8 dollars for mixed

Pearl is pretty packed on Saturdays. This venue is absolutely fucking huge. There has to be at least half a dozen bars, two dance floors, and half a dozen rooms and walkways in the building. Another “classy” Tucson club. People tend to come in groups, so it can be a little clicky, but nothing that should be too hard to penetrate.
Price: $10 cover. $10-15 dollar drinks.

Fourth Ave also pops on Saturdays. Same as Thursdays.

Sunday night
Ra at La Encantada is a classy sushi bar with a wet bar, dj, and decent weekly turnout. Starts at about 9 and ends at 11.

When 11 o clock comes, you have two options to continue the party. Level is the after party to Ra. Shooters, a cowboy inspired bar, gets busy on Sunday nights around this time as well. There are a lot of amogs here. The girls here tend to be of lower quality but there are definitely a few hotties here. It can tend to be clicky.
Price: No cover, decent drinks

Any Time
Tucson Airport
The little bar at Tucson airport has Heinekin on draft. Heinekin on draft. Almost as satisfying as a good party girl.