New Mini-Seminar Scottsdale June 2!!!

Gil Rio’s Mini-seminar Series

Scottsdale, AZ - Saturday, June 2

Are you getting the results you want?

  • Meet a Love Systems instructor

  • Watch him share the most recent advances in dating science for 2+ hours

  • Have your specific questions answered in-depth and IN PERSON.

Hours of cutting-edge advice from an expert for ONLY $49!!!! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn Love Systems at this amazing price!

Watch video of Gil breaking down a live, daytime approach:

“Rio showed me how to be in flow. He combines a natural feel for humor and banter with a scientific knowledge of social dynamics. The combination is bulletproof. More importantly, he showed me that it’s learnable.”

“I highly recommend taking advantage of the next mini seminar. It will familiarize you with new concepts if you are a beginner, or help tweak your game if you are advanced and/or have already taken a bootcamp. I prefer the mini seminars to the books and audios, and they compare to what you would learn in the classroom at a bootcamp.“

“I was talking to 4 girls and it was a lot for me to handle so Gil Rio came in to help. WOW… words are not enough to describe what I witnessed in the following minutes. [...] I was blown away by how far you can go physically with a girl. That experience destroys the preconception that Love Systems doesn’t work in Latin cultures.”
– Moonwalker

“I never thought I would see someone kiss a girl in less than a minute, from a cold approach, early in the night, while she is completely sober and her friends are rushing her to leave the bar. But Gil did it, and he made it look easy.“
- 3scorpio

In this seminar you will learn:

Organic Attraction

  • Starting and carrying out natural conversations, without routines or “lines”
  • How to effectively convey your attractive characteristics
  • Handling tests
  • Communicating high status and preselection – critical for getting 9s and 10s!!

From the bar to the bedroom: convert your interactions

  • How and when to touch her
  • The art of Sexualization: triggering the hidden sexual nature of women
  • Quick escalation, make-outs, Same Night Lays and more

Inner Game

  • Become outcome-independent
  • How to appear (and feel!) rock-solid, even talking to a stunner
  • Be in control of your core beliefs
  • Develop your self-image and rid yourself of the limitations of the ego

And much, much more…