In search of Phoenix wings!

So a little bit about myself:
I'm 21.
I work PT and do not go to school(intend to next semester).
Despite my somewhat long time on this board and fairly high post count I'm actually fairly inexperienced. I have had major inner game issues and still do. This board has helped me get over or at least realize my inner game flaws and I have been working on them.
That being said I am not a complete afc. I have my afc moments and my non afc moments hoping to slowly decrease the afc moments.

Anyways I recently moved back to Phoenix a few months ago. My old social circle which includes some of my best friends is great to hang out with but honestly suck for meeting girls. They hang out frequently but it's just drinking nights with your buddies kind of nights. I actually have another social circle but they are the same story just replace the drinking with smoking.
They are all also opposed to going out and that is why I am looking here.

Recently had a little fling with a friends friend who will very rarely make appearances in our social circle parties. Anyways while I was going on dates with her I felt great and confident. Anyways she started flaking so I gave up on her for the most part. And for the past week or two I have just been in a total afc slump. I figure going out and meeting new people would help but I can't wait for that with my social circle and that is again why I'm looking here.