hello arizona

helloo... this messase is for all those people in da AZ area... and no i dont mean tuscon.. sorry

if you wanna hang out with a kewl dude, who spells cool like kewl, and just doesn't give a shit about anything...it's all fun and games mane!...i dont care where your game is at, if it's good or bad... doesn't matter, just need a fun, outgoing person...i'm personally not good at day or night game.. i just do air game.. and that's where i jump of a plane, and try to game girls while im on air... it's my rock method.. still working on it..

anyways, i dont think anyone should take this "game" seriously, we're not cureing cancer.. a little bit about me... im currently in a relationship, i already broke up with her, she just wants more.... now i think we're just f-buddies..i'm trying my best to get out of it...blah blah blah

anyways if you wanna hang out with me and have some FUCKING FUn.. and learn rock method.. [just brign a parachute].. im me... peace!