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12-10-2008, 01:59 PM
OK I'm posting my routine because I think it needs alot of improvement.


Cajuns Drug Dealer Opener

Ends with "You girls aren't like that are you?"


So how do you guys know each other?

You make the exact same facial expressions!

(At the target) You blink alot!

A2 Attraction

Hey you guys remind me of these swedish chicks I used to know in London. Both called Lisa. They were both crazy. One of my mates thought they were on E. Anyway 1 day I invited loads of mates round and I got Lisa to order a pizza. Funniest thing.. russian guy answers and she's trying to speak to him. She's like "ja i vant pizza!"
Anyway he ends up hanging up thinking it's a prank call.

That reminds me.. back in london we used to have the craziest parties! I used to take my mates out to finchley, hamsptead, north london every saturday night and we used to turn up and just get in. Haha my party was crazy.. I invited loads of mates and I ended up with 500 people on my doorstep. They do that type of stuff over here?

So where are you guys from?

Back in London when we meet cool people.. we hug them (hug)

5 questions game.. If I win they give me their phone number or I take them out for a day 2.

Smile Push/Pull gambit.

That's about it for my game.
I only started a month ago and I've been using this game for about a week now.. Any comments.. feel free to let me know (: