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12-02-2008, 08:49 PM
(NOTE: Not positive where to post this...feel free to move it wherever it applies)

I am not looking for advice per se. But something quite weird has happened...

In my thread: http://www.theattractionforums.com/forum/newbie-discussion-forum/80361-going-hardest-pickup-ever.html I mention the cousin...HB7. Well I half-assedly tried to game her...didn't work so I took the advice of a friend and dropped it. left her alone. Then on Monday it was snowing here. Like a effing blizzard. So I text nearly everyone in my contacts with a simple "ITS SNOWING!!!" and she texts back...anyways I find out she is at our mutual workplace eating. I say "I was going to go there earlier and get something to eat." she says: Well come on then lol.

So I end up going to the restaurant and getting a piece of pie...I had already eaten and she was done eating. She had been done eating for a little bit but she stayed and waited on me to get there. The "Main" reason I went there was because I "obtained" a copy of rosetta stone and was giving it to a friend. So my main purpose for going there wasn't because of HB7.

Well before when I called HB7 "babe" she told me not to call her that. Well we texted back and forth pretty much all day monday. and all day today. I have mentioned her coming to my apartment a few times and she hasn't responded negatively to that at all. And today before she had to work she asked me to buy cigarettes for her and I told her I wasn't going to do that before work because she wouldn't want to see me after work (AFC I know but it was in congruence with me.). So I said "just text me when you get off and we can hang out...make out...and eventually get you some cigs." she didn't respond negatively to this statement at all...So I mentioned making out again a little later on and again, no negative response.

When she got off work she mentions she has a final tomorrow so we can't hang out. Which is fine with me. Oh...earlier when she asked me to buy her cigarettes i said "only if you give me a hug" she agreed right away. this was all done through texting so no immediate gratification...Well we meet at a gas station and I get her her cigarettes and it is like 29 degrees outside and she changed into some shorts so I didn't say "you better pay up!" but when we left I waited a couple minutes and said "you didn't give me my payment for buying those for you. You better pay up tomorrow." She immediately responded with "ok"

So I'm just weirded out by the strangeness of this happening suddenly...I haven't been passively gaming her or anything either. It just happened. I will post tomorrow night about what happens tomorrow...which I expect to be really good.

Any words of advice or anything would be cool. Opinions...anything lol.


12-03-2008, 07:53 AM
Okay...small update from last night...

So when I got off the computer last night after writing the first entry I text her saying "so what time you coming over tomorrow?" (side note: I say that to most girls rather than asking them to come over...its like they already agreed to it). Well after we go back and forth for a minute I say "so what time?" she says:

Her: Idk but we aren't doing anything understood?
Me: Haven't I made that clear already? (I told her the rule is to keep her hands to herself and so will I...its a little joke.)
Her: Just making sure.
Me: lol. So other than a hug and a kiss goodbye we aren't doing anything? I gotcha.
Her: We ain't kissing.
Me: lol
Her: lol (which intrigued me...because as I said before she didn't respond negatively to me suggesting we make out until just then. But then she said lol...just wait...it gets better lol)
Me:(a little while later) Remember to leave your vibrator in the car. (we have a little joke between us...when we first started texting on monday and she was at school in the parking lot I asked her how it was in her car...she said "good since I have my vibrator." so her little vibrator has been a joke.)
Her: Okay lol. but you know you want me to bring it.
Me: Just so I can watch.
Her: You wouldn't want to use it?
Me: On you? Sure.
Her: How else would you use it.
Me: I know some guys who have their own vibrators (shudder). But if you wanna bring it so I can use it on you I Guess that's okay.
Her: I told you nothing going to happen
Her: Are you still confident you can keep your hands to yourself (before this I had told her it wasn't my hands I was worried about...it was hers.)
Me: Yes I'm confident. (I also mentioned something about cuddling and holding hands which she didn't respond to...it was in the same message as this one.)
Her: Are you sure?
Me: Yup. 100% positive. You're at least going to lay on my chest right? haha.
Her: So if I was there right now naked you could still keep your hands to yourself? (she has done this before...she was saying on monday if she was laying on my bed naked saying come on i wouldn't do anything. I have responded to this several ways...I did list (in detail) before what I would do to her...I think she enjoyed it lol.)
Me: If you were naked I'm sure I would have already not kept my hands to myself and we have done more than hug. I'm a great kisser and you look like a good kisser too.
Me: But no sex. No condoms...
Her: Okie dokie.
Me: I bet you have been told by a few guys that you are a great kisser. Am I right?
Her: lol why ruin the surprise (Does this mean she really wants to kiss me or is she playing?)
Me: Hmm. okay. :-)
Then I said I'm going to sleep...and she said: Are you sure? Or do you want to still talk about me and my vibrator?
I said: If you want to talk about you and your vibrator I'm sure I can stay up for a little bit longer.
Then the conversation started up again for a little bit (not about her or her vibrator lol.

Some other things that makes me think she is attracted to me is: When she was at work she texted me saying "I'm on break" which to me means "Talk to me please!" Then last night after I said goodnight she said "I'm watching house" Which to me means "don't stop talking to me yet."

I could be wrong about all this but I am expecting her to text me in a little bit and then come over. We will see what happens And I will post when she leaves.


12-03-2008, 08:18 AM
You're right about the "I'm on break" meaning "talk to me please!"

and the "I'm watching House" meaning "Don't stop talking to me"

it means she's hinting, encouraging you to keep making conversation.....

the minute she says things like "I'm busy" ...."can't talk now" or "please leave me alone" stuff like that.

thats when you know she's not interested..

so far so good...

12-03-2008, 07:24 PM
you need to cut the textin get here ova to ya house and close the deal...all that texting aint good u givin her a ego boost man...shes thinkin ah i got him where i want him and u bought her cigarettes man..o hell no i dont buy a girl shit get alpha and close that deal i know u can!

12-03-2008, 07:39 PM
I bought the cigarettes with her money. She is only 18 and I figured I'm nice enough to buy her some cigs sometimes. I don't do it every time she asks me lol. But she did come over today and I was being a good boy and playing by the rules (we had the "keep your hands to yourself" rule...) and She left in time to get to her class...since then it has been nothing but sexual texting back and forth. A lot of it. She is giving me a ton of IOI's and every now and then I feel like the convo is slipping away then something happens and it revives. I am planning next time she comes over to be in my room listening to music...she said nothing will happen again but I think I can change her mind just by playing some game. Haha.