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Lieutenant Joker
12-02-2008, 01:11 PM
So, I was hosting a party, as I normally do in my appartment at school.

It's a tiny and appartment, and I crammed it full of thirty-something people.

I was bartending, and telling stories, which makes me, in addition to the fact that I orchestrated the party, the BMFIC.

A girl comes into the party whom I don't know.

LT Joker- "Hey! Come on in, can I get you something to drink?"
HB9 - "Beer is fine."

I pass her a beer

HB9 - "I know you."
LT Joker - "You... do?"

I'm stunned by this. I have no recollection of her.

HB9 - "I see you in the gym all the time"
LT Joker - "Oh, yeah I'm there a lot."

Also, I'm hard to ignore, if I have a friend there, I tend to talk really loudly and joke even louder. I've nearly made a girl fall off an elliptical from laughing so hard.

HB9 - "I'm always at the treadmill right behind you"

This also caught me off guard, so I play cocky-funny

LT Joker - "Best place to get a look at my sweet ass"

She laughs. This is the end of the conversation for a while, but someone mentions how I should totally 1) get a drink from me and 2) be told a story by me.

I make her a drink (the Electric Jam, because it's colorful and you can't taste the alcohol), and tell her one of my Ireland stories. She is loving my stories,

HB - "Oh my god, that's amazing, I can't believe that! I'm BLONDGIRL by the way"
LTJ - "What's goin on? I'm LTJ. Nice to meet you"


I tell a terrible joke. She laughs. IOI2

We're talking about Ireland, and how she's irish and how she wants to go. She works at the "Irish Pub" that is near school. She is saying this and Kino'ing me. IOI3

Go in for the kill.

I'm just about to isolate when a wave of drunk party-goers came back to the bar for more drinks. Damn it! Shortly thereafter, BLONDGIRL said goodbye and left.

Damn my urge to be a good host! I now have a girl I'm training in the arts of mixology to fix this problem.

My issue is: I got her facebook, and I was playing it cool and not messaging her. I invited her to the next party I had, which was over thanksgiving break, so she, like many others did not come, (though we still had enough people to get busted... twice).

I have been keeping an eye out at the gym, but I haven't seen her. I am wondering if I should wait longer (it's been about two weeks) until I hopefully see her in person, just keep inviting her to parties, or start into facebook game.


12-02-2008, 09:05 PM
I personally don't really like Facebook. Depending on how big your campus is, I'd say wait a bit longer and see if you run into her or if she comes to a party. The effect would be much greater if you saw her in the gym and directly approached her and asked for her number. If a bit more time has passed though, maybe open her on Facebook. I don't know, I'm just not a fan of using it. Regardless, give her a hard time for being so invisible. Don't mind her not showing up at your party over the holidays.

Sounds like you have it pretty well figured out. Nice work. It helps that you were the bartender and in that position of power.