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11-17-2008, 07:25 PM
At xmas time I will be attending an annual party that brings me into contact with an old, and now defeated, foe: Oneitis.

when i was in high school, I had it bad, and I mean real bad....... All for this one girl. Of course nothing ever happened, and she absolutely adored me for how well I could listen, and how I was such a great friend.

That was nearly 3 years ago. Much has changed, my oneitis, once a central figure in my life is a distant memory, though I still have affection for this girl, its due the fact she really is nice, though nothing special. However, Im wondering now if its too soon to actually make another run at her. Ive seen her one in 3 years, a brief hello at a party and thats it. Though I havent changed much physically, my mentality is vastly different, and I believe if I could get her, that would be a very nice milestone/victory.

Of course, theres always the chance I fail and revert to oneitis, but thankfully, to the distance between our universities, its unlikely to be reinforced.

Therefore I have 2 central questions:
1. Should I do this? Or am I risking oneitis? I fully believe I dont have it for her any longer, but of course its a nasty and deceptive bug, and noone is truly objective in their lives. So im wondering if its wise to even make this attempt.

2. If i do, what is that best way in which to frame myself as an entirely new person? What should I do for attraction, since there already is a fair bit of trust due to our past friendship.

Any answers are most welcome,
and sincerely thanks,

11-17-2008, 07:57 PM
Yes you should do it man! Also if you do , be the life of the party and be the AMOG as well. Show her that you are the man! Also wouldn't hurt if you had a girl by your side just to show you have a DHV. I use to have oneitis and man that's exactly what i did when i met her again. Not only did it make her realize how high of a value i had , but as well how strong my frame was and what she was missing out on. Try to make sure you look your greatest as well.

11-17-2008, 10:22 PM
go for it, wear some nice clothes, open some sets, become the man, shell see you are someone completely different and then run the whole routine on her, it works on ppl u havent met in a long time much easyer than it does on people youve just met because the comfort is already there..