View Full Version : Is she gaming me?

Pocket Rocket
11-13-2008, 04:17 AM
Hey guys,

Gna try and keep this short. Went home for the weekend last week, met a girl who I gamed textbook style! She's been ringing me/texting me/ trying to add me on facebook every night since then. Giving me so many IOI's, telling me im amazing, etc.

Speakin to a mate last night who knows her, he said she's a bit of a flirt, shes got loads of boys chasing her and she's probably meeting a few guys. Thing is I know that im in control and she is totally the one chasing me.

What im thinkin, is tha she may b saying this 2 loads of diff guys? And Ive experienced that girls who are really keen at the start, flake at the end.

Thing is I moved back to college now which is 3 hours away from home but she's still chasing me, Ive made myself out to be so mch better and more exciting than her. Do you think she's into me and which way do u guys think I should handle it?

Wudnt even giv a shit about usually but we get on so well, im thinkin it may b a bit of a waste just to fuck her and nothing else