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montreal madison
05-07-2008, 07:21 PM
Best Montreal "Club Game" Spots (in my Opinion)

Annies/ The Pub
Cafe Campus
Winston Churchill
Thursdays (yuck, over saturated)
Mc Gibbons

Feedback guys?

Give me your Feedback

05-14-2008, 06:19 AM
I dont know man:

About the places you mentioned:
* Annies/ The Pub (never been there)
* Cafe Campus (good pick)
* Cheers (very good pick...but I havent been there in a while so I dont know....wednesdays at cheers used to be THE SHIT! now I dont know)
* Laboom(blah.....lot of ghettoed as chicks ...havent been there in 3 years and wouldnt go)
* Orchid(heeeeelllll NO!...one of the WORST PLACE EVER IMO....Full of underage chinks, ridiculous music and only 1 strip of about 10 meters where you can game....HATE this joint)
* Winston Churchill (very very good part, specially the pub area for PU...however, Karina's, WC club.....hell fukin no...Ghetto ugly chicks, constantly smells like puke, and they dont know how to treat you when you come in through the door)
* Thursdays (yeah...thursdays is for when you wanna go cougar hunting...not my crowd but meh, have gotten some results there)
* Mc Gibbons (tis alright)

you may wanna try...


* Suite 701 (cheap AND trendy as hell, one of my favorite joints. good women, good music, and no cover)
* Tribe (although there is not a lot of spots to correctly set up game, has been known as the place to be on thursday night..plus they have some good djs and gorgeous women come in)
* Time (if you got the money for it....fucking expensive but worth it)
* House nightclub (has three stages, top and bottom floor are specially good for PU...have had some really good results here)
* Fuzzy (in LAVAL....beautful women, excellent back room to set up game, good music, cheap...can you ask for more)


*Peel pub....(not bad for pick ups, on a personal experience havent gotten results but then again Ive seen ppl that have)

* St sulpice: 7 different stages, not bad crowd (very ghetto but meh, you are bound to find something within one of 7 seven rooms)

* Le Social (excellent student hang out (Im saying this cuz Im 24 so is still within my range)

* Reggies ON THURSDAYS ONLY...voted #3 pickup spot in montreal...again only if you can hit students,
and some others which I cant think of right now...


* B-side
* Gogo lounge (one of montreal top pick up joints)

.....too many to count atm


* cafeteria: awesome for insta-date...thas all I gotta say
* Bubbles (if it still exists, havent been there in 3 years)
...and also too many to count...

montreal madison
05-14-2008, 08:14 PM
Good answers man, i agree. Yeah i was saying places that were "pick up spots" so that kinda had a reputation for easy game. Not just hot chicks that were stuck up. But i will look in to what you said. Maybe we should wing.