View Full Version : Religion or spirituality can help in the day game.

the heart
10-30-2007, 01:36 PM
The day game may be simplified, if the lady is interested in spirituality or religion (or wears a religious symbol/conversation piece). You just need to intrigue her with an interesting opening and bring discussion to a DHV story.
This is what happened in New York last weekend (I will format the actual routine in bold).
I was in the subway, and saw that nicely-dressed short-haired pretty woman (I’d say 8). I noticed in her cleavage that she was wearing a cross. She was standing close to me, so I told her “I noticed you are wearing a pretty cross. Do you believe, all religions are basically the same?” She looked at me, then her eyes moved horizontally to the right showing concentration and she answered something like “Well, all religions have a lot to do with social background of people”. “I just witnessed the most interesting scene: an old Russian Jewish woman tried to convert a young Muslim NYU student (the girl laughed and I slightly paused) … into Hinduism. Can you picture this?” (By the way it is a true story that I witnessed). She laughed even more and turned towards me. “Actually, I believe people are defined by something more revealing than religion”. “I am getting off soon but if you want I can tell you what a different treatment I had from different Muslims in the mountains of Afghanistan.” She looked interested and smiling; so I continued to tell her about my adventures in the mountains (which is a modified version of my “Little Pleasures of Life” routine (see my field report from about a week ago). “You travel a lot” she said with respect (they all say so for some reason after those stories), “What do you do?” “I am a physician” I answered. “What kind?” she asked with lively interest. I told her a little bit about my work. “I am a lawyer, it sucks” she pointed her thumb down. “How come?” I asked taking her hand and slightly squeezing (she returned the squeeze). “Tell me what makes you feel good, special, and appreciated” I continued and was ready to go to the “Feeling Special” routine but my stop was coming. So, I mentioned that to her and asked her how could she tell me more about good feelings she sometimes have. She started looking for a pen and paper in her purse, didn’t find them, and looked at me with some kind of guilt. I took out my cell phone and gave it to her. She quickly put her number in and stretched out her hand. I put her hand in mine, commented with a smile “Soft and warm, I like it”, and exited.