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12-18-2006, 06:24 PM
I see a lot of posts here by guys making entry-level mistakes by running game at work. One word sums up how to run game on the job: Don’t. Coworkers who date expose companies to sexual harrassment lawsuits. Managers often fire both participants to conceal the real reason for the firings and to protect the company, but they’ll cite other issues to protect themselves and to put the burden of proof on you.

But if you want to go ahead, here’s what you need to know.

First, the office is no place to practice. If your game isn't rock-solid, leave it at home. Even then, you should look good, be cool and be competent for six months before you start to run game at work. That lets the rumor/gossip mill get up to speed and you learn what HR will tolerate. All companies ban co-worker dating, but few truly enforce the ban. Either way, know how HR will react. I’ve seen very senior folks get canned for sleeping around while the juniors bred like rabbits, but it can go the other way, too. Also learn who’s off-limits. Kino a lipstick lesbian and you’ll be cleaning out your desk that afternoon. And keep an eye out for weird stuff like the CEO’s cousin who has a different last name from him and is engaged to his golf buddy.

After (or during) that six months, you may attend after-work social events. If you’re cool and competent, women will open you on their own or introduce their friends to you. The evening will give you plenty of openers to use the next morning. These events can be extremely productive - don’t miss them.

Receptionists help everyone, so everyone likes them and knows who they are. But at heart, they’re hired guns who’ll smile and chat with you even if they hate you. They nearly always work closely with the executive-level administrative assistants, who can be power brokers in their own right. Everyone hates the guy who breaks the receptionist’s heart, but her buddy the AA can brief the CEO on what an asshole you were almost before you get your pants back on. AA’s are often among the smartest and best-looking women in the office. They are seriously connected and usually married. Gaming them is fine if you have a death wish.

If you kino at work or work events you become The Guy Who Can’t Control His Hands. Here, the problem is not the woman you're kinoing, it's the jealous, bitter co-worker who sees it and complains to a jealous, bitter manager. Wait for those people to leave, change venues or both. I promise you that cleaning up after this mistake is no fun.

Again, don’t sleep with women you work with. If you must, be cool and let them come to you, then move it offshore.


12-18-2006, 08:50 PM
Excellent post Silver
I run tons of work game, i'm very good at it and i suggest it to no one. Its dangerous dangerous ground. Not for begginers in any way shape or form. As one gets better at gaming, he will begin to get a better idea of what he can get away with and what he cannot. I enjoy it wholeheartedly and know that i shouldn't be doing it but... i get bored


12-18-2006, 09:31 PM
Yeah, if you still have a job when you get home you had a good day running game at work. I think it's really best used as a secondary social circle, but there's potential in professional associations. Work game is also a good way to audition a woman for an LTR because you get to see her respond in varied situations. If you're still attracted after several months of working with her, there might be something there.


12-18-2006, 09:47 PM
My job is stressful enough without gaming. I see my direct co-workers like i see family and my sister - not potential sexual partners. You've got to be serious at work, and then go out and game outside of work.

I HAVE dated and slept with ONE girl at work, but the circumstance was kind of special in that she was on a very far and remote part of the work environment and I was leaving the project soon. You can date people from your company, but make sure they do not work closely with you. If they work in a different building or a completely different part of the organization (i.e. you're in finance, she's in marketing and not a lot of work interaction), dating is fine. But, the only problem comes when you lose focus on work, because of gaming. I HAVE DONE THIS, and it has gotten me in huge trouble at work and I still didn't get the girl. Don't do this.