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10-07-2006, 02:02 AM
I've just read DYD, The Game, MM and am overflowing with material. I have only used an opener 3 times, once followed it up by ESP, so I am pretty much true newb. I am looking for help on a Day Game (Mall) Structure to get used to that apsect, my plan is to use canned and combined with my social (hopefully not limited) interaction.
Opener (A1)
-Jealous GF, or G-String, or 2-Part Kiss, or Situational Opener (probably hard for me, have to do it on the fly but probably opinionated) *Can neg on opinions
-FTC (I got to go soon, as I have to meet up with a friend, but...)
DHV (A2)
-ESP, BF-Test (for a 2 set)
-Neg (Did you know your nose wiggles when you laugh, blah blah blah)
-Disqualify (Its a shame you're not my type, I prefer Amish (jokingly?!) or xxx (ie Jap) woman. I am Asian btw
Am I moving to A3 to quickly?
M2F (A3)
-The Cube?; Strawberry Fields (Seems a bit forward for a mall situation, but I guess it leaves them with the sexual inuendo); Styles EV (but sort of advanced)
-Qualify (Ie Name 3 things you're good at...)
Then EJect on TC and go for the E-mail/# Close
How does this structure appear, I am drastically overthinking. I think this will probably follow the 90/10 or 80/20, and hopefully with my positive/confident attitude build enough attraction, so the comfort can go well if there is a set up. I figure out of 10 sets, I could be lucky to get one into A3 properly anyways. Theres a learning curve to PUA-ing, and I seem to be angle shooting a lot before I jump into the game. Opinions/Responses are most helpful. *I think the direct game (Juggler) isn't for me yet.
Thanks :)