View Full Version : back in the game (finally), Attraction Sticking Point.

09-06-2006, 06:30 PM
Just got over an 8 month one-itis. Not even the kind where I go out with the chick. The kind where I started out good, but kissed another chick at a vital point. Then worked up more key attraction, but ended up making her my best friend and then talking to her too much, Then, she went on a trip with alot of people, including some guys, and got attracted to another person. So now, when SHE used to want to talk to me for hours on end, anytime I try to continue this, it is seen as annoying and stuff. And that's when i FINALLY realized that I had not been paying attention and unintentionally screwed myself into being an AFC wuss again. lol. :eek:
But, now im comming back :cool: . After 8 months of being an AFC, I don't really know how to re-create the PUA vibe that was so completely awesome. Any tips on getting the chick the rest of the way out of my head and into a comfortable PUA vibe again???
This week im planning to do a little more attracting, then go right into the cube with this HB8 greek chick in my 4th period. Also, I am taking a HB7 chick to the homecoming dance next week, but I am paying, which is not such a good thing, but all well. I rarely see her, which means I need to get # and/or email by the end of this week, to run some phone game.
Also, there is an HB8 in my 2nd period. She either talks to the more-socially-proofed jocks who run game on her, or stays quiet. I am a well-known guy, few people don't know my name in my grade (10th), but I just have never really talked to the jocks. How can I get social proof/befriend them AND attract this HB8 in my math class??? :confused:
And then, there is a HB9. We talk for a little each day on the internet and at lunch (we've been friends for a while). I'm wanting to improve my friend-into-lover skills and to get even more social proof (if I get her attracted, that leads to a VERY nice group). What would be the best advice for attracting her?
attraction is my sticking point :p . im always great with rapport/comfort, which with the lack of attraction, just gives me friends. thats why most of m yq's are based around it.