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09-03-2006, 11:19 PM
I love how these never get old
So i went to this party, it was wet and everyone was having a good time
I started off badly, because people were just getting to know each other and everything, but i managed to keep enough of my cool
So later
I'm talking to the hottest girl at the party on the couch with a few people around us and she tells me that she'd never hook up with a guy that has just hooked up with another girl (basically she doesn't like sloppy seconds), she's only had 1 drink, and that if an avg. guy walked into a party with an HB on his arm, she would find him more attractive.
Before this
I was sitting about 5 feet away cuddling with the second hottest girl at the party, playing the cube game. She had her head on my shoulder and holding my hand, but i wasn't making a move (i have more morals than picking up a shit faced HB)
So later
I play the cube game with the sober HB and she loves it of course, but it doesn't go anywhere after that, we just talk and then our friends come over and we all sit around and talk till the night ends.
In heignsight
I should have grabbed her hand while playing the cube game and seen how she reacted, instead i just rested my hand on her leg, given the circumstances it would have been normal if a random stranger had sat next to her and put his hand on her knee. Then after that, say something like "where'd you leave your handle? show me" then I'd lead her away from the forming group that was around us.
What I did
After the cube game there was some kino, not as much as i'd like, but we flirted some wich was good. So my friends came and we talked and they talked to her, and then after that i didn't have any alone time with her, and i felt like i just became another guy. Near the end I asked her where she'd put her handle and she got up and was like it's over here somewhere, couldn't find it, so i took her seat. She didn't seem to care and just stayed standing across the room from me instead of comming back wich could be interpretted two ways: 1) she wanted me to come back and stand with her where we could be more mobile if you know what i mean, or 2) she just didn't care. So when it came time to leave my friends hugged her while she was leaning up against the couch, then i was waiting for them to leave and she was like come here. I told her that if she wanted a hug she'd have to come here (we were about 3 feet away from each other) so i grabbed her hands and pulled her towards me, then hugged and i picked her up and swung her like 150 degrees... lame move? i don't know.
She friends my friend at like 1 pm, friends me at like 9... I decline and write a msg back to her sayin "do you get a msg tellin you when people don't think you're good enough? because i hit decline, lol send me another friend request, k ;)."
i want your imput, what i should have done differently, without, with, what was good, bad, everything. NAIL me, because this type of situation doesn't happen once, and i want to get good.

09-04-2006, 09:36 PM
are you serious no one's responded to this? i'm losing faith boys

09-04-2006, 11:58 PM
You'd have better luck posting this in the Field Reports section. Get a mod to move it.