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08-31-2006, 10:27 AM
Ok Hi Guys,
This is my first post.
This is a lost post but ill be greatful if u can read it n apply ur MM skills to it to advice me where i am...
Ive just started reading the MM stuff and dont kno much yet so can u plz tell me whats going on in ur opinion.. id be really greatful.. itd help me to clear my head up about things thnx.
So I thought this would be the best place to ask where I stand with this girl in uni called Katie. Katie is a very shy type of girl. Shes like a cute pretty 7.5 girl. Her mate once told me she's never had a bf. So shes basically a shy, unopen, reserved but pretty and cute girl who hasnt had bfs. Shes among the quietest in my group.
Basically, Katie and me do the same course and we are part of the same circle of friends.
I'm basically a very open guy so I'm confident approaching any random person, whether it be girls or boys. The rest of my group aren't as open so when i do talk to random people, my friends think I'm flirting if it's a girl.
So that's basically the impression Katie got of me at the beginning of the year. She thought I was a flirt.
I also was linked with this other girl called Nat. Things were going well with Nat until I let other people butt in and they started creating conflict by teasing Nat too much about me. Nat eventually got uncomfortable because of this and our relation kind of stalled.
Eventually Nat went off with another guy in my group. I think Katie realised all of this.
After that i started hanging out with Katie more. But she wasn't very open with me. Like if i asked to take a photo with her... she'd say no flat out.
But slowly she started opening up a little bit more.
I hung out with her only for 2 weeks straight.
After the 2 weeks, another mate of mine called Jenny came back to uni from holiday and that day I left Katie and spent the WHOLE day with Jenny. When i came back to Katie at the end of the day she looked very pissed off with me. She just gave me a "dirty look" when i came over to her.
After a few days, I was gona perform at a dance show and it was Katie's birthday on the same day. When I performed, everyone in my group was praising me big time. I was getting looooads of attention etc etc. And suddenly, Katie was more open than before lol. This girl who was shy and reserved was now offering me her homework when I hadn't even asked for it: something she'd never done before. So basically after the dance show, she was just being a bit differnt.
After that i took the opportunity to get closer to her. I started doing Kino in class with her... I did palm reading etc and she wouldnt move her hand away etc. Before if i tried holding her hand, she would be the type of girl to get uncomfortable and move her hand away. Shes jus unopen to anything. But now she wuldnt move her hand away.
So i felt she was getting closer to me.
But then i started hanging out with Jenny more often (that other mate of mine). People in my group suspected me and Jenny were gona go out with each other.. etc... u kno.. ppl in ma group thought we liked each other.
Katie never talked to me about it. But suddenly Katie would hug Jenny a lot etc. She'd be really friendly to Jenny.
Katie also started talking to some other guy more.
The funny thing is... near the end of uni... Katie would be so open to some guys and shed yet still be really hot and cold with me. Shes a shy girl so i found it "fishy" that shed be so open to some guys that she didnt even know, and shed be so hot and cold with me. One time near end of uni i spent 30 mins talkin to her n she was so quiet around me . she could hardly speak. and when some other guy came around (she doesnt kno this guy that well... ) she suddenly sparked in front of him... .
Now i suspect she may like me... but whats all this HOT AND COLD business.. sometimes shes friendly, sometimes she shuts me out. SOmetimes in lectures she jus walks past me and sits somewhere else. etc etc you get what i mean
when the exams came at the end of year... i went to the exams with jenny n i asked katie "hey u wana come with us".. n jenny jus said "no im goin with him" (sum geeky guy).... so u kno... even tho shes known me for a year,. shed still reject me.. shed still act a little distant.. whereas some other times shed be close.
sometimes i think.. does she dislike me or what??? cuz sumtimes she gets close... like palm reading.. and playing games on the mobile together... like head to head locked etc... and other times she acts a bit cold...
at the end of uni she asked out of nowhere... "hey are u movin in with Jenny nex year for uni.. u livin wid her"?
n i was like "lol no what made u ask that"
that was surprisin cuz shed neva ask that kinda question before...
and at the end of last exam... we were walkin to the same train station to go home.. but she was like 3 feet away from me lol.. even tho we were meant to walk together.. so then i jus went ova n wrapped ma arms round her n walked with her n she didnt move away or anythin...
so i hope u understand what i mean when i say shes hot n cold with me... from what ive told u.. culd u please tell me where i am on the mystery method thing... u kno .. a1, a2, c1, c2? etc etc etc??? what???
culd u also tell me what the hell this girl must be thinking about me... why shes so hot n cold??? etc??
when me n jenny are together she blanks me n hugs jenny like jenny was her best mate... n she disregards me like i dont kno her
lol wtf... im like the guy she knoz best in uni n she still wierd to me...

08-31-2006, 11:11 AM
umm one-itis?
but anyway my opinion is that she's not THAT interested. You dont make it very clear the timeframe of this, but it seems like a long time. and i think you're in the friend zone in her prospective, but she knows you like her i think. but if someone asked...
"hes just a friend"
TOO MUCH COMFORT by the sounds of it.
In my opinion move on, find some prettier girls, do the newbie mission or smthing. Just open sets out of your social circle. Dating girls in social circle is more difficult because your social value is set, so make sure people are saying good things about you, and meet new people.
Maybe she does like you a bit but a new guy would be more attractive to her. and i would say your a friend right now, so a2?
start again - blank her for a while and wait for her to call you a few times - tell her your busy then when you do see her
"hey stranger, where have you been? let me get your opinion on somthing............"

08-31-2006, 11:26 AM
thnx for the reply mate..
what do u mean by TOO MUCH COMFORT though... shes so hot and cold.. if any.. i feel as though shes not comfortable enough to me
the time frame is a whole uni year...
she also gives me look.. ive been known to have good taste in fashion and so when i wear something new she always looking at me... and giving me looks etc... u know starin etc.. ive caught her doing that
i doubt its a one-itis thing.. cuz she thinks i like jenny.. hence she asked me "u movin in with jenny nex year"...
when jenny is about.. she hugs jenny like jenny is her BEST MATE lol and she completely blanks me .. not even a hi.. but if we alone.. then she starts pokin me etc ... n open to talk...
its funny because half way through the uni year she told me she had decided not to open up to many people yet.. so towards the end of uni.. shed started jumpin on some guys (quite strange) whereas shed still be "calm and quiet" around me?? almost like shy or uncomfort
so what do u mean bout TOO MUCH COMFORT?
i think ive been giving her less attention since ive been hanging out with jenny... cuz ive been hangin more with jennys group lately...
i get a feeling she doesnt really like jenny as much as she shows it cuz she once gav me a dirty look when i spent whole day wid jenny n came back to her at the end... u kno?

08-31-2006, 11:32 AM
forget about this one man!
Welcome to the community. Start fresh. It is easier to sarge anew than to fix old stale problems. In a few months when you pick this up you will have many women, and at that point Katie will come around, until then let somebody else be the bf and get her open, besides shes a virgin, do you really want to tow that line ?

08-31-2006, 11:44 AM
lol you're right mate.. so true.. forget her...
thx man :)