View Full Version : Sarging my buddies roommate...almost too easy :-)

08-22-2006, 11:46 PM
So my friend moves in with this girl (laura) and her mother and that is how I met her. My friend (Ed) already has a hot ass girl (Jes) to play around with and him being 21, he doesn't want the other girl (Laura).
If you are not confused yet great.
I met her yesterday night because I went over there for a bonfire. I didn't really talk to her much I just DHV'd to the whole group making sure she heard and busted on her for random things. Anyways, after I left I was like "dude, I want Laura. Were going to hang out tomorrow and get her there."
So today we all went to the mall and, ed did his part, Laura was there. So now time for my game.
We started walking around the mall with Ed and Jes behind us and we just talked...well she talked, a lot. I listened most of the time, but I am very good at pretending to listen so its all good. Anyways I think she was kind of crushing on me cuz I didn't really have to do anything but walk next to her.
I did escalate kino the whole time. But nothing was to the point I wanted it to be until we hit the skate park.
I consider myself an average skateboarder which you will find out is all you need because even if you can't do a trick, girls or even guys will see you attempting to do something really hard and they think you are good at it.
Well that's what i did the whole time and we ended up on a picnic table with her leaning against me.:)
We went back to her house and after a while we ended up on the couch watching tv.
This is the good part... she says she wants to get out of her jeans so she goes upstairs and comes down with a big T-shit and a g-string. I was like fuck, what's this girl thinking.
Anyways We watched a movie like that but escalated kino the whole time. I didn't go too far because I didn't want to scare her (she's only been 16 for a month). We kissed at the end of the night and she was beggin me to call her tomorrow.
Do any of you guys bias your sarging strategies on the girls looks as well as her age?
Oh yea Jes, my buds girl is a HB 9 and Laura is around 8.

08-24-2006, 08:32 AM
Fucking awesome. Sounds to me taht youve hit the nail here. Just dont scare her off which ive noticed you are doing pretty well in my opinion.