View Full Version : Hooking up and dating

08-13-2006, 09:22 PM
I suppose it will work itself out, but what would you guys consider the difference is between consistently hooking up with a girl and actually having a relationship (to me the difference is there can be other hook ups when you're not in a relationship, but none when you are) and futhermore, how do you make this transition? I put this in the under 21 forum because even tho it says I'm 21, I'm 17 (i should change that...) and you guys understand that theres a lot less nomral "dating" going on these days as there is random/drunken/fun hook up series. I found a girl who i don't just want to be hooking up with anymore. And if it wasn't for the game, she never would have given me a second glance. :) Anyway, all opinions would be helpful.