View Full Version : AFC Wingman Woes

08-07-2006, 08:32 PM
I went to a party with my AFC friend (We call him "Just Friends", because those are usually the last two words he hears out of any girl's mouth at a party) and I decided to be his wingman.
I've taught him some of the basic fundamentals of game theory, and he very much so understands the practice of it. He witnesses my successful sets, so I think he would have the confidence boost with me as his wing, right?
My question is, how do I get him to open sets easier? There were many 9s and 10s at this party, and when I told him what to say to who, he refused to do it, claiming that he "didn't care" even though he had been balls-to-the-wall on the car ride there.
Is there anything I can say to boost his ego besides:
-"You're the man I always looked up to for advice on women!" (this is true, in high-school, he was the epitome of cocky-funny, and still is, but doesn't believe it)
-"What do you have to lose?"
-"Who wanted to come to this party?" etcetera.
Feeding his ego doesn't seem like enough. How can I help this poor AFC?

08-07-2006, 10:07 PM
I would'nt even bother let him do what he thinks is right. He willl eventually come to you for advice. But for know just let him do what he wants.