View Full Version : Whaaaaaat the hell went wrong?

08-07-2006, 03:09 PM
Ok, heres the story, as of last night:
Got a call from a buddy around 8pm last night, and we went out to a real "chode bar" named tequila. It was free so we figured why not? Anyway, we roll in and it turns out they have a foam party going on, which means tons of girls dancing in bikinis, all wet. So im dancing with chicks and running sets and all is fine so i eventually grow into state.
Where it went bad was I ran into an old chick I used to work with ages ago, and I havent seen her in ages and she was seriously hot. So i fluff with her for a little while, hand her my phone and walk off. I come back and shes like "oh i don't have a cell phone right now" so i'm like well gimme your home phone, and I walk off again. I come back AGAIN and shes got the number in my phone. She hands me the phone and then says "we have to go" and her and her friend leave.
No problems until today. I hit the gym, have a wicked workout and text the number she gave me. Turn out she gave me her friend's cell number, here's how it went, message by message:
Me: Is this actually hb or is this number a flake?
HB: This is just her friend HB is with me but she doesnt have a phone
Me: Aww she has friends answer her messages? Is she shy? That's so cute!
HB: No she doesnt have a phone and just to let you know she has a boy friend so she wants to know what you want from her
Me: Whoa, I asked for her number, not for her boyfriends. Besides, maybe I thought shed make a nice friend.
HB: Ok then
Me: Enough with the little girly games, seriously
HB: What the fuck really it was nice seeing you but not interested fuck off
HB: ok not interested fuck off
Me: Whoa, seriously, I dont go for girls like you. I was never interested in the first place. You have some deep issues to deal with.
and that was all of it.
I don't care about getting her back, i just wanna know what everyone thinks about what I could of done better ?

08-07-2006, 04:44 PM
Gameboys right on the money.
Basically you tried to use cocky/funny over text. Bad bad move. Text or any written messaging can easily be mis read as you being a prick instead of you joking around which is what you were meant to be doing (I hope)
Moral of the story: Pick up the phone and call next time.

08-07-2006, 08:21 PM
gotcha, much appreciated you guys!
It got me down for half of the day, but it's all good now.
Always room for improvement!

08-07-2006, 08:30 PM
Lesson number.... (looks above and counts).... 5/ Dont let anything in this game get you down, instead of thinking 'Man I fucked that up' reframe to 'Awesome what can I learn from this for next time?'. If you let it get you down then you wont last long.