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07-31-2006, 12:29 AM
Hi guys,
I am going to a meeting in london to meet up with some community friends for the first time. At the end of the meeting when there will only be three of us left.
Me, Zep and Gav, Gav is the guy from UK which I was there to meet. He told us two that we should go with him to a bar to see some friends of him.
Before that he had told his RL friends that he would bring some friend with him (suggesting to me and Zep) and his friend, a girl, asked if anyone of us was cute so she had any guy to flirt with. So he showed some picture of me and Zep and she told Gav that she liked my picture.
Sooo... when I am about to meet this girl.. how should I handle her?
Gav told me that she was an 8, and as he putted it, a 7 without her boobs. So I guess maybe a little negging. But according to Gav she is very self-confidence. So maybe more than one neg? puch-and-pull, teasing ofc, and the hands-off routine. I'll do the "think of a number one" as well.
Gav also tells me that she is very sexual forward which can come in handy.
Point to this one is that I only have a few hour before I go back to Sweden.. So I have to close the deal
Do u guys have any more suggestions?
Thanks for the help, really appriciated
And sorry for the bad grammer...
Best regards