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07-25-2006, 11:15 AM
Recently I have interviewed four women asking them a series of questions to see who they thought the Hottest and Most Attractive people are in movies, TV, music… The results may surprise you…
First off, When doing the interviews I had to make sure I was fair with the questions not forcing them to answer the way I wanted them too… but also I had to make sure that I would receive a fair answer, by this I mean an answer coming from the EMOTIONAL side of the brain as opposed to the logical side that would feed me every thing they have been programmed by Parents, other girls, teachers, sex ED, and other manipulating influences. I received that information. (The interviews took place at different times)
Me- So tell me. What is it when you watch a movie and you see a stud guy come on the screen that just turns you on? BESIDES HIS LOOKS.
Kristin- Well… Like Brad Pitt he’s freaking’ Hot! (Ok I said besides looks.) O sorry, umm I would say he is just really strong. Like he is buff and he just gets shit done.
Me- So you find the fact that he takes charge is very attractive?
Kristin- Yeah! Like he just has that thing about him like he knows what he wants and how to get it.
Me- Ok. What are some movies that Brad Pitt has been in?
Kristin- Umm ocean’s 11 and 12… Troy, Mr. Mrs. Smith…. I don’t know what else.
Me- ok out of all of them can you tell me what movie you just wanted to “Do him the most” in.
Kristin- (laughs) umm probably oceans movies. Because of like his attitude. Like he was just in charge and really umm confident.
Me- ok cool... Let’s Move on to... TV. What are some shows that you watch?
Kristin- LUGUNA BEAHC!!!
Me- :confused: umm… ok I have never seen it but tell me who you think the most attractive 3 guy characters are.
Kristin- OO Stephen, Talon, and… Jason
Me- Ok describe them.
Kristin-Well Stephen is really bold. And is out going and fun. He’s also kind of cocky.
(She describes talon and Jason. Talon is kind of easy going and beta male, while Jason is “a player and a jerk that is really good with words. He is also really cocky but in a funny sort of way”)
Me- So if you had to pick two of the three who would you pick?
Kristin- ummm Stephen and Jason.
Me- that’s what I thought. ( she picks the two that are cocky. )
Me- Ok Natalie tell me about brad Pitt
Natalie- (Says all the same stuff Kristin said almost word for word.)
(I ask her what shows and she watches and she says Laguna Beach and the real world. She says the same three guys and picks the same two at the end. Then I ask her about the real world)
Me-So who is the most like “AGHH I just got to do them” on the real world?
Natalie- I would probably say Danny.
Me- why is that?
Natalie- well He’s really funny. And he’s kind of cocky. But he’s really… umm what’s the word
Me- … Bold?
Natalie- YEAAH! Exactly. And his accent is really cool (I guess it’s a New York accent or some thing … she did a really bad job impersonating it I gave her a little neg. ;)
Me- Ok so what is it that you really like about Johnny Depp specifically in pirates?
Jenn. - Umm Well He’s the Captain!
Me- … yes jenn. He is the captain. (Jenn’s not one of the brightest of the bunch)
Jenn- Well he is like. Different. He’s cool. Like he does things that no one would think he is going to do… I know they have a word for that?
Me- spontaneous
Jenn- what’s that mean? Any ways, yeah he just has that look in him... It’s really... mysterious.
Me- what do you think about when Natalie Portman kisses Johnny Depp?
Jenn- I would take Johnny over Orlando Bloom any day.
Me- Why is that?
Jenn- Because I mean Sure he’s really really hot. But Johnny is just so much more… UMMF.
Me- So he is more dominant?
Jenn. - Yeah.
Me- So what about the note book? I mean every girl loves that movie. I really like that movie too actually.
Candy- Awe. Really? That’s cute.
Me- Umm. Sure… any ways tell me. When do you think that the girl was most attractive to the girl? Like when did she want him the most?
Candy- Defiantly when she was with that other guy. The guy she was going to marry.
Me- ok. Why do you think that is?
Candy- Because she couldn’t have him. Like with me. I always want what I can’t have. Like there’s this guy right now that I really like but he doesn’t like me. And I’m just obsessing over it.
(That’s all I needed to know)
So pretty much I found out a lot of things straight from the girls mouth. In a way Hollywood is helping our cause. With out me suggesting any one with Kristin, Brad Pitt came up… Now lets look at brad Pitt. He is a kick ass Alpha male. He’s got the looks. But more importantly he has the attitude and Alpha male personality. The same goes with the Laguna Beach Characters Every Girl told me those two characters, even though they all described them as cocky, a jerk, and a player they found that attractive. Sure they thought Talon was hot but that was it. He didn’t have the Alpha Male Personality and it affected him when the girls choose who they would most likely have sex with of the three. Now James Bond didn’t come up because non of the girls had ever seen a James Bond Film ( I was just as surprised as you ) but after I described it to them they said that they want to go watch the movie now. So from what I can see here... SOME Holly Wood is helping women find what they really want in a man.

07-25-2006, 11:57 AM
Brilliant Zao. This shit's badass.

07-25-2006, 01:15 PM
nice read.

07-25-2006, 03:48 PM
I feel this is a big thing too - Screaming Girl Syndrome (not an official name I don't think), but lets say for example you are in highschool - If you dated a girl for a while and she had a lot of positive things to say (He was really great, he had a big dick, he was good in bed, he has the hottest tattoo) or anything, that positive reinforcement will effect other girlfriends that she has and in turn you might get a positive buzz.
This is pretty much fact with psychology, look at stuff like The Backstreet Boys, the music is shit, but because a few girls like it, a lot do. Russel Crowe, the guy is ugly as fuck, but because he is so commanding he gets a lot of positive buzz. Popular guys in highschool, a lot of them look like a shoe, but because they are popular, and can toss a football, they get chicks.
I'm not in highschool anymore, but I picked up on that, if I were a hit at a social hangout or bar or whatnot, you notice to get more admiration and interest from the females. ;) Trust me guys, buzz is good.

07-25-2006, 06:53 PM
haha yeah for sure man.

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nice thread zao, its good to see someone posting something worthwhile on here rather than needy, validation seeking questions.
Ive actually been following your posts lately, way to step it up.:cool: