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07-16-2006, 09:26 PM
1. Would you guys try to close a married girl in the dressing room of a retail store? Time bridge her? Just flirt?
2. Do you escalate with a chick who's eye fucked you in front of her mom?
Read below for details...
Sat. July 15th.
Ass Fondle:
3 PM. I'm still smarting from the "your ass is flat" comment I received last weekend. I'm determined to find a pair of jeans or two which highlight my assets. I believe I've found two pair and take them in for alterations.
I enter the dressing room at a clearance store looking for a tailor, hoping to see a beautiful blonde in her early twenties I saw at this store previously. I change and as soon as I emerge, I see someone who I take to be the tailor on duty. She's a petite dirty blonde in her late twenties. My wing rates her as about a 7.5. Apparently, she's been waiting for me, as she's standing immediately outside my dressing room door, already smiling and gawking just as I re-emerge:
her: "hiiiiii!" she has a big smile on her face, her eyes are wide and her mouth is open wide. "I like your shirt!"
I get on the pedestal and have her evaluate the fit of my jeans. I also ask for her feedback on the style of the jeans and my shirt.
her: "I like it!"
I go back in the dressing room and try on a second pair.
her: "I like it!"
I can see her reflection from the three way mirror. Her face is flushed red, her eyes are riveted on my rear end and her face is frozen in a big stupid grin.
me: "what do you think about the pockets?" The jeans pockets have flaps on the rear.
her: "I like it!" She then reaches out and presses a couple fingers against the pocket poking and pinching gently for a second. I completely ignore it.
her: "ooh! I touched your butt!"
me: I turn around slowly. Here we go again. "I hope your blushing!"
her: "I am, and I never blush!" She is blushing. Her face has been beet red for a long time; about as long as she's been staring at my ass from behind.
I look down and see a nice sparkling diamond on her wedding ring finger as I speak to her.
me: "well, your the tailor..."
A salesman is situated behind the two of us watching all of this and her interjects:
him: "oh, she's not the tailor, she just works here."
In other words, the girl has no idea what she's doing but has enjoyed the opportunity to fondle and ogle a store customer. Hell, I guess I invited her to. I go out to the main shopping area and ask women at random asking them if they like my jeans with flaps on the rear pockets. 5 against and 1 for (the salesgirl), so I decide to return the jeans. I'm such an attention whore. The salesgirl heads out, same stupid grin on her face to watch the proceedings. My confidence in the ability of my rear end to attract girls is restored.
Eye Fuck/Cockblock:
I walk out of the store, but just before I leave, I catch the eye of a very pretty, innocent looking blonde girl. She's about 5' 8", thin, maybe 20 years old and strikingly pretty. Maybe an 8 or 8.5. She catches my eyes and stares and smiles. I have to move in. My wing sees all this go down, and I turn to him and I see him walk away with a huge grin on his face.
I start talking to her about her blouse, which she is trying on. She is very happy to be speaking to me. Her eyes are half closed with a big grin on her face. We fluff about what where she's from, what she's doing this summer, blah blah blah. As I continue talking with her, she seems to lose her enthusiasm. She looks off to the side. Then she stares off to the side. After a couple minutes, a middle aged woman walks over to her, looks at her and walks off and the girl follows. It has to be her mom. She walks off hastily, saying goodbye. Again, a fun interaction and terrific ego validation but no close. Have to give this chick credit for eye fucking me while shopping with her mom.

07-17-2006, 01:10 AM
A pity, better luck next time. :)