View Full Version : Meeting/Wingman Brussels, Ghent, Bruges

11-15-2011, 01:36 AM
Hello Belgium Lair!

It's great to see you guys have a lair too!

I just found your forum and I applied for forum registration. This I normally do when I travel somewhere and want to meet up with PUA guys.

I am leaving together with my female friends this Saturday for 4 days (business/vacation) trip to Belgium.
I would like to meet-up some great wingmen in Brussels, Ghent and Bruges hit the clubs with my friends. Approach, share experience, tries out new routines.

I have active in field experience from 2004. I'm specialized in day game (but night game is also fun). People I've winged with give me positive feedback. Hope to meet some interesting and social vibing people.

For best times together, it is suggested to have some basic skills (learned to approach women, made several successful lays, know and act out proper wingmen rules).

During my travel I go on low-internet diet. It is best to P.M. me your mobile number in advance, and I will send you mine plus latest plans. Additionally, when there's a meet up that week please inform me about it so I can think about joining.

Looking forward to your response(s).

Having fun,