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06-26-2006, 04:22 PM
My friend Nich and I met these two girls at summer school. Ones name is Claudia and the other is Kayla. Claudia is in Nich's class and one day she said to Nich "Whats your friends name? Kayla kind of likes him" He told her my name blah blah blah.. We now talk to these girls every day. Today as we were in our cars about to leave school Kayla was, what seemed like, trying to qualify herself to me. Claudia was like were going to put this melted reeses peanut butter cup on her tit and your going to lick it off. (This was her talking to me) I said to Kayla "You aren't good enough yet for me to do that." Or something to that effect. Kayla then said "Ok well I'll put it on your chest and lick it off" I said "Like I said you aren't good enough yet for me to let you do that" She then continued on to say a few things to the effect of "How do I get to be good enough?" or When do I get to be good enough? I then just said I don't know blah blah blah.
After all of that happened I was like we should hang out sometime. They said yea we should lets trade numbers. So I gave her my cell and she gave me hers and we put our numbers in eachothers phones. She put her number in my phone under the name Kaylathathotbitch (Kayla that hot bitch). So I've been trying to think of a way to kind of neg her on that or raise her buying temperature with it or something. Anyone have any ideas? Oh and after we traded numbers they were like "What are you guys doing later tonight?" I said were going to my friend John's house so our band can have practice (or something like that) they were like well what about later. I said I dont know we'll call you.
Anyone have any ideas of what I could say to use that name thing to tease her or play with her? Also was that a way of her qualifying?

06-26-2006, 06:13 PM
You are in A3. She showed IOIs, she wants you. What's fucked up is you are kino escalating pretty damn fast. If this was an expert I would say go for fools mate. Anyways, when you are with your friends call her. This is social proofing, it is good. Since you didn't set a date before the number (Tsk, tsk) try doing:
Her: Hello
You: Heya. Listen I got to go soon. I called to let you know that I'm going to the _______ to __________ on ____day, you free?
If Ummmm or no:
You: When you free then
Her: day
If yes
You: Great, it's all set then, cya
Her: Durrrrrrrrr
Make sure your friends are nice and loud in the background.
Keep steady, don't Kino escalate too fast or you'll encounter Shitloads of LMR or BR. I'm going to tell a story relating to this.
I pulled this girl off her bf, who was 2 year younger then me and had a shitty band (interesting side story, I smacked him across the face with a skateboard when he bought my girl an italian charm bracelet on her bday). anyways, first date we go see King Kong, I play some good freakin game, started licking tit in the middle of the theater. Long story short, it took me 4 more months before I got a lay from her. I was cheating the whole time out of pure frustration.
Oh and licking chocolate off her tit is qualifying and a damn good IOI

06-26-2006, 08:17 PM
I didn't lick her tit though. So I'm not kino escalating too fast. My kino escalation could even be a little behind but not much. And as for the LMR and BR, I have never been with a girl that had those happen.
We did pretty much set a date but not a specific time and it isn't any sweat off my back :-P.