View Full Version : WARNING: This is the most misogynistic post you'll ever see...

Don Kanonji
09-05-2011, 11:07 AM
...and the reason is simple: I'm absolutely tired! I'm disgustingly mad at world and I want all of you to know what this vicious creatures usually named "women" can do to a guy.
I'm fucking tired of them ignoring me, rejecting me, and being rude despite the fact that I'm always polite, well mannered and respectful.
I'm fucking tired of a fucking skank turning me down because "she's practically married and don't want any problems"... only to hear that the bitch didn't even had a boyfriend and is currently being fucked by an ugly ass loser who sells dope for a living.
I'm fucking tired of bad attitude of this vicious creatures who think they run the world just because they have big boobs...yet a guy has to work like a slave to be sucessful!
And most of all I'm fucking tired of pretending to even like this evil creatures: how can you love something than despises you and looks at you like you're responsible for bringing AIDS and Cancer to this planet?!
For all of you guys that tried to put me on the right track, thank you very much but this shit it's not for me.
I found out that nothing is more dumb than trying to gain affection of something you inherently HATE!!!

Thanks to all of you: be strong and have a good life... this world has all odds stacked against you and the best way to get revenge on that motherfucker is to live a beautiful life.

09-05-2011, 11:28 AM
Have u tried homosexuality? Sounds like it might work better for you lol

09-05-2011, 12:31 PM
Please go see a counsellor. Such unhealthy attitude about women are not welcomed on this forum board, aimed at improving the dating lives of men (and women).