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06-05-2011, 04:32 AM
Osaka is used to refer to the greater area of the Kansai region and the city of Osaka.

This regards Osaka city.

Osaka is the third largest city in Japan.

You can divide the city proper into three basic parts: the north, the south, and the center.

The north is Shin-Osaka and Umeda. This is the primary hub for travel throughout Japan in Osaka and you'll come in here if you use the shinkansen (from Shin-Osaka), however there's nothing there so go to Umeda. Umeda is the somewhat upscale part of Osaka and you'll find girls with a bit of a classier style here (although likely not like you'd find in a classy Tokyo girl). The primary shopping area is Hep 5 and Est which are next door to each other. Hep 5 is easy to spot because of the giant red ferris wheel on the roof. You'll see many girls sitting in front of the building waiting for you to approach them.

Osaka Station City has just opened in Umeda this year and is a large shopping mall and train station hub. It's new but already it's attracting a lot of traffic and is a decent place to sarge.

The center is the trendy area of Osaka with the largest concentration of bars / clubs / nightlife in the city. Accordingly, it is also the most crowded area you'll probably find. You can access it from the Midousuji (Red) subway line running from Umeda. This is the most important line you'll need to know in Osaka as most of the best places run in a line along it. The stops you want are either Shinsaibashi or Namba. Coincidentally, because of the layout of Osaka city, it is easily navigable by bicycle, which you should consider if you'll be here longer than a week and are staying in the city (avoids the last train rush).

Shinsaibashi is a shopping arcade that runs the length of the center of the city. There are many offshoot streets with innumerable bars, clubs, and shadier places. In terms of street approach, Shinsaibashi shopping arcade at night is the hardest place you'll find in Japan. At night it is full of hosts approaching women, and it has a reputation for nampa unlike other places in Osaka. In the upper portion of Shinsaibashi is Daimaru, an upscale shopping mall and across the street (outside the arcade) is OPA, a women's shopping mall. Men are allowed to go in though since there is a single shop that sells men's clothing and a hair salon on the top floor. Nampa is forbidden in front of the building and the security guard will approach you if he sees you doing it.

The entire area behind OPA is known as AME-MURA, or America Town. It's the center of the youth pop-culture and has the highest concentration of clubs in the area. Recently however, there was a crackdown on the clubs in that area and they now are only open until 2am (the time when clubs usually get the busiest). Hopefully things will be completely back to normal by September (2011). Triangle park is a popular hang out location for the young folk and foreigners.

Going south along Shinsaibashi arcade you'll find Doutonburi bridge (also known as Nampa bridge, approaching here is not recommended). This is one of the more famous areas of Osaka because of the neon signs along the river. Here you'll find Club Pure, one of the most popular foreigner clubs in Osaka with frequent international parties (every month from 7-10pm). The club is also all you can drink and allows re-entry, convenient for bounces. That said, for personal reasons I don't like this club. Along the river itself, you'll find Club Giraffe which opened earlier this year. It's a neat club and if you go before 11pm entry is free (but there is no re-entry and no drink ticket).

Going further south along Shinsaibashi you'll reach Namba station (you'll see a theatre and Takashimaya across the street from it). Behind the station is Namba Parks, a very large shopping mall with very friendly people. Namba marks the end of the center of Osaka and the beginning of the south.

The south of Osaka contains Tennoji and Shin-Sekai. It is great for kushi-katsu (an Osaka junk food) and drinking. But it is considered a dangerous area so there are few non-working girls there. Which is to say there are primarily "working" girls there (read: prostitutes). If that's what you're looking for, Tobitashinchi near Dobutsuen-mae station on the subway is the most famous red-light district operating in public in Osaka (and Japan). Even if you're not interested, it's worth seeing once. Really interesting place... A new very large shopping mall is opening in Tennoji which may bring more female traffic to the area, but the Umeda/Shinsaibashi/Namba area will likely hold the best prospects for the forseeable future.

A bit about the women...

I've lived in both Tokyo and Osaka and from my limited knowledge of Tokyo women, I'd say Osaka girls tend to: have a more care-free attitude, better sense of humor, have better fashion-sense (in general, of course this varies case by case), generally be friendlier, and far less likely to speak English. In fact the more attractive the girl, the less likely she is to speak English.

Unlike Tokyo, most of the people you'll meet in Osaka ACTUALLY LIVE in Osaka. This makes meeting for dates far simpler imo. Also, most girls will not bat an eyelash at jumping on the back of your bike and you biking them to the SL (assuming things went well of course). There is a huge population of hostesses and kyaba girls so keep that in mind.

If you're in town send me a message and maybe we can meet up. I'm walking the shopping arcade almost everyday and always enjoy meeting new people.

Further info

For listings and maps of the places I've mentioned above you can check out KansaiScene Magazine, which is a free English magazine for the Kansai region. You can also check out their website if you google Kansai Scene.


If you're interested in meeting up, I currently live in Osaka and will be here for at least the remainder of the year. I try to go out and sarge almost everyday and usually go to clubs on weekends (if I can find people to go). I usually hang around the center of the city but I'm not averse to visiting the north or taking a tour of the south.

I only really know about Osaka city so if you're wondering about Kyoto, Kobe, or some other place I can only offer third hand knowledge.

06-09-2011, 05:09 AM
Thanks for great and fresh info! I've moved to Osaka one year before and still doesnt know much as you.
The only club I know in Umeda is Sam&Dave. Its good. There are a lot in Shinsaibashi though.
I dont know about Tokyo girls but I think in Osaka it's very easy to carry on the conversations with girls, if u can push ur self and go approach them :) U can go for the kiss on the dance floor easily without much talking, but after that it's difficult. Especially the jealous friends will pull them away. U definitely need a wing! The Japanese guys in the club nampa girls too. But their way is either disgusting, or nice and shy, funny to watch. I haven't seen many succeeded though.
I have friends to go club with, but none of them is PUA. My Japanese friends rather kill themself than go approach girls. In Japan they think a lot when they talk to people, so they told me it's very tired to meet new people continuously. The white friends are not better. They make the excuse that the girls dont talk English and they dont talk Japanese. They dont know that being white is a big advantage in Japan.
I'm interested in meeting up. I cant go on weekdays but Fri nights and Sat nights are usually OK. I'll send u my number via private message.

06-22-2011, 03:29 AM
Hey guys,

I'm in Osaka for the Summer. I'd love to sarge/go to clubs with other PUAs. I've PMed both of you.

07-07-2011, 06:25 AM
I did some scouting of Osaka Station City:

The area is quite nice and kind of evokes a modern day classic European train station if you will. The important thing though, is that the ONLY place worth picking up is in the LUCUA building. 10 floors of unisex stores Jam packed with hotties. I should warn you though, there are a lot of people in them. Like A LOT. Like night club opening night A LOT. It can be tough in the hallways but the stores are much better for approaching. There's lots of cafes but the wait is such that you're better off just bouncing them somewhere else.

There's also a new mall that's opened up in Tennoji in the south! I haven't had the chance to check it out, and I don't usually go to that area in general. But if I do I'll update this thread.

Cool to hear from some guys in the area, I've replied to you. I don't hit the clubs as hard as I used to because I have to work during the week. And with the recent crackdown, it's quite hard to find clubs that are even open >.<

But I'm out everyday. Still working on progressing things. It's a hardknock life but MAN is it fun! (^^)V