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06-02-2006, 03:36 PM
Hey this is for those poor sods (like myself) who go to single sex boarding schools.
What are your strategies for socials? As far as I'm concearned there are tow types:
Disco - this is straight forward.
Dinner then disco.
the dinner is seated boy girl boy so around 10 ppl per table. Its quite tricky cuz if you bomb, there are 5 guys in ur schools (mostly amogs) yes ive heard loads of advise on not sarging at school cuz of this, but what would u do if u had to game?
I realize time constraints are futile. But many openers wouldnt work very well- i mean you now hs guys- they would take the piss out of any opener which sounds slightly odd to them. I mean i dont even think an opener is necessary, surely a neg opener would suffice.
Also should you do the same thing about openning the obstacle before the target?

06-02-2006, 05:32 PM
Meal/disco -
Well I’d open the whole group/table. I’ve struggled in the past when I have immediately tried to single in on one maybe two people in the group.
Tell some good stories get the whole group entertained and focusing there attention on you. Treat the dinner at the beginning as your set up to get the girls to like you (neg’s etc directed towards your target), and use the chance to 'take down' (neutralize) any potential AMOG's that might interfere with your gaming the girl's later on.
So what if they take the piss out of one of your opener’s just throw something right back at them, perfect opportunity neg the guys to entertain the girls, make yourself the alpha of the situation (just have a few things prepared, especially if one of your stories has a few places open to the ceremonial 'piss taking').
Disco/Disco only -
Have something a little peacocky on, just be a bit different, get people’s attention. Use the skill’s you already have, those which you would use if in a night club, the negging and opener’s from above, not the story telling so much because of the noise level, your actions should speak for you in this situation i.e. performing your set magic trick/stupid dance/opener’s/and just about anything else that you can think of that draws the attention of your target girl/group to you until you can separate your target and really begin gaming her (even if you haven’t been out clubbing there’s more than enough you can read up on hear :) ). Finaly have some fun with it, if thing's get too tough abandon the chace and just enjoy yourself.
Admittedly I am merely a novice compared to a lot of the people hear, but the above would be my base for such situations.
(Please do tell me where or if I’m going wrong, it is as they say the only way I’ll learn)

06-03-2006, 04:14 AM
Is it just me or when you neg during a dinner type social, are all the guys like "OMG WTF are you doing? I mean she's hot". That always happens to me, and even though I normally get the girl, the guys go back and start saying how I have no social skills....
It really annoys me
But back to the question, what are your fav routines, stories, negs in these situations, which is a pua's dream because she's stuck with you for an hour!