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05-30-2006, 10:46 AM
Hey guys,
Below is the plan that I'm going to be following for the next few months in order to really get into this pick up stuff. I'd really appreciate comments, ideas, alterations and all that. Ill be posting reports as it goes and if anyone else is doing something similar itd be great to hear from you - maybe we can keep each other on track.
First and foremost - appearance.
This seems to be key and obviously has knock on effects for confidence etc...
I've realized that mine actually isn't brilliant. My first step is therefore to look smarter in general and stay smelling sweet. I think I'm gonna go shopping soon and get me some better rags.
Secondly, other preparations....
I'm a fairly regular gym goer and I run a lot so thats covered really....might go for a bit more bulk tho.
I'm really into NLP at the moment so I'm gonna try and do some daily for about 15 minutees on pick up based stuff. CHanging self image etc.... hopefully some of you get what I'm saying.
Finally, just need to get out a bit more. Went to into town the other day and started by just doing random things like asking hot girls the time and stuff to get the ball rolling..... not much but its a start. So....gettin out a few times a week i hope...bit hard cos i do have exams at the mo tho.
Anyway, thanks for any advice.

05-30-2006, 03:28 PM
Okay, sounds pretty good, but don't engage conversation with girls that way please.
I mean, if you're gonna open, OPEN.
Do the newbie drill and PLEASE don't ask for the time to a group of girls. I'm sorry to say it this way, but it's lame. Every other loser that doesn't know how to start a conversation will try something like that eventually.
As a Pick-Up Artist, you should be able to make the difference. Think about it. This girls are bored to tears of guys saying "Hi, what's your name?". She doesn't wanna give her fucking name to you. She doesn't wanna give you the time.
Obviously, asking for the time is a normal, neutral thing. BUT as soon as you start chatting about something else, you're busted man. It's obvious that you want something else from her. And so it happens that you came in a wussy way. I can allmost read a girl's mind in this situation: "Oh no, another loser asking for the time trying to hit on me... how lame".
So, instead of coming off that way, make some interesting comment. I have a really good opener on goth-kinda girls (wich are the ones I find the most interesting, and the more open to bisexual experiences), wich goes like this:
"Hey guys, i've got a quick question, I was discusing this with my friends and I thought some insight from other people might help, if you had to die RIGHT NOW, how would you like it to be? I mean, most people like a quick, sudden death, but I think it should be slow. You should know that you're dying. I mean, it's the last thing you'll ever experience you know... Don't you guys think it should be intense?"
See? It get's the attention of everyone, as death is something that everyone can relate to. It's a negative feeling, I know, but it works. If it ain't broken...
That should get you started if you're into that kinda girls. I really like "metal" chicks, so it's perfect for me. If you like that kinda girls, it may serve you well, and save you the whole "How do you guys think lies the most? Men or Women?" crap.
Hope that helps.

05-30-2006, 04:04 PM
hey man, i dont see a problem with that. thats a start but theres more to it. there's some things we can help you with and some things only u can work out. good luck.