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05-11-2006, 09:34 PM
I like to stress the fact that I titled this "Classroom Interaction" and not "seduction" or anything like that. The focus should never be on a particular girl but having fun talking to the whole room and getting over your own social inhibitions of not wanting to talk to other people. Even now, there are some people that I talk to and I feel something in me that doesn't want to get to know them. I realized that to be good at social skills, you have to open up to everybody and accept everybody. Cut out the trashtalk and the judgemental attitudes.
With that aside, here's a good way to open people (and the girl[s]) you want or may want.
Typically, just going up to a person in your class or turning around and talking to somebody would be kind of weird and intrusive. Therefore, one must find a justifiable and common way to break the ice. You are on a need to know basis at first, but it's all fun and games from there.
1. Find a common ground. Without commonality, your conversation will be awkward. Dale Carnegie argues that people only care how things will affect themselves. If you exist, you must exist according to something they can understand. Also, commonality breeds good feeling because people like those who are like them (according to Robert Cialdini, Influence). However, don't fake/bullshit to be like them if you truly are not or they will lose respect for you when they find out it's not true. People can smell the fake.
Sample Opener: "Hey, do you know when ________ is due?"
then, follow up with
"Oh God, I haven't even started, have you?"
After that, just keep talking but remember one thing: Conversation is like a playing with a ball. You pass it back and forth, taking turns. If you talk too much, you come off as self centered. If you ask too much, you're interrogating them and it's awkward.
Another important note is to guage their emotions. If they don't feel like talking, fuck off quickly or they will find you annoying. Just look out for body language and their attention. Don't force anything.
As far as conversation threads go, start off with stuff that is not personal and is non-intrusive. Don't talk about how your relative molested your or start asking them about their personal sex life. That's not cool. Unless you know them better, it doesn't warrant you to ask such things.
If you want to move into that area, you must have enough comfort fluff talking. Fluff talk is overlooked to a great extend by every book I've read because it seems that the PUA community assumes everybody knows how. It's a great skill that somebody needs to write more on.
When you want to disarm the other person, move gradually more personal. You must build momentum as far as this goes. Start off disarming yourself by revealing a small thing about yourself. For example, "Speaking of _______ (this is the lead-in), I came from ________ and I'm straight up FOB. I actually came on a boat." The lead-in is a very important part of conversation as it allows you to "back into" different topics. If you master this, you will dominate conversation like it's nothing.
Those are the basics. Just make friends with everybody and raise your social proof. If everybody likes you, all the girls will conform and like you too! (Solomon-Ash conformity experiment)
Have fun and improve your social life!

05-12-2006, 03:43 AM
Yeah, definately. I'm in an economics class and for a year I've been rude to three of the guys in my class, and although my wit is sharp enough to shut three of them up, they will almost always come back harshly because - theres three of them. Theres one HB in the class and she laughs along with them because - walla- theyre her friends. Dumbass that I am I went along for a year being obnoxious and "dominative". But being the dominant one in class demands respect and friendliness with others respecting you - I was just the asshole in the class, lol.
Won't make the same mistake on Uni again.

05-16-2006, 12:25 PM
We should add more stuff related to school sarging in this thread. I find it hard to sarge at school 'cause most people are boring, lame ass Emo! There's one HB, and no its not a One-ities, she is always surrounded by a bunch of guys. She isn't in my class but in the lounge i always see the same situation. I been meaning to Open the set but this shit isn't a club. I can't #close her or TB her. Its pretty fucked up. I am fucking pissed, gotta calm down. Shit!:mad:

05-16-2006, 12:55 PM
Someone in the forums, I forget who, talked about sitting in a different seat every day you are in class. This gets people comfortable with you and you will automatically have social proof with other students. Also talk to the teacher in class, if people keep hearing your voice, it will smooth transition when you open them.

05-16-2006, 02:54 PM
Next PUA book:
"How to be the most popular, SEXUALLY ACTIVE MUTHERFUCKER in school/campus/university"
.."and some tips on how to cook"