View Full Version : Orlando wingman needed,so many women not gettin gamed! its a shame.

07-14-2009, 09:49 PM
once again, an orlando wingman(wingmen) needed. its 1:40am as im writing dis.i went out alone.went to 2 venues (only cuz they were free&because i was alone).number closed 3 women in one & number closed 1 women in another and jus came home.i lost one set cause i was alone.i should hav jus closed and left like i did the other sets. but it really does sucks sarging alone.

i kissed closed a HB7,blonde model saturday&she invited me to her show this thursday but i really dont want to go alone.its really going to lower my value.

but anyway, wingmen needed in ORLANDO ! if anything i'll bring you in,i'll open every set.