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  1. Would you consider this flirting?
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  3. Improving game
  4. some questions about an LDR
  5. I really don't get it... dating sites suck!
  6. need advice on this chick ive been chilling with
  7. Situation that makes you scratch your head
  8. HB10 - Next Plan of Action?
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  10. Stealing the girlfriend
  11. The guys who get the hottest girls
  12. About sending mixed signals, playing hard to get, and keeping a woman interested
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  14. "Best friend" a bit distant
  15. How to pickup girls who are in a clique? (College Game)
  16. Girl coming over
  17. She's moving.
  18. Man, I can't believe this happened. Whatever happened to the bro code?
  19. Having a 'talk'
  20. Some advice please
  21. Rate the my game, stealing girlfriend from boyfriend
  22. Phone Numbers on FB profiles
  23. So... who gets the hottest girls?
  24. Guys I Need Help Asap
  25. What to do when she won't text you
  26. What happened with this girl?
  27. Is there a chance me and my ex GF could get back together?
  28. Can you guys please help me with this girl?
  29. Mario Luna sexcode?
  30. Why did my ex GF try so hard to ignore?
  31. I got this girl's number but I can't figure out if she's shy or just being nice
  32. So, there's this chick....and she's been kinda bringing out the real nig. alpha male
  33. Help me out please
  34. I don't like drinking or partying - Meeting girls through social circles?
  35. Girl has a boyfriend but shows interest, it's a really puzzling situation..
  36. Girl just got out of a relationship, but wants to get to know me
  37. Is there anything there?
  38. Why does she bother?
  39. [PLEASE HELP] Is this IMPOSSIBLE to turn around?
  40. Humble Ways
  41. 7 Ways to Improve Your Body Language - How to Meet More Women - Men's Fitness
  42. Texting in College
  43. Crush on (girl)friend's hot sister?
  44. Looking for roommate in NYC
  45. Help interpreting a guy's feelings...? Thanks!
  46. Asian high school junior needs some help. The game and also socializing
  47. 2 of 3 .. Expert Help Needed
  48. Girl that's hard to read
  49. First phone call gets rejected. She doesn't know your number though. Thoughts?
  50. How to cold approach girls that shows interest in college?
  51. Completely BROTHER-ZONED
  52. i have never regretted something so badly in my life. please help!
  53. I girl I've known a long time makes me crazy confused.. urgent
  54. This Girl got me soo confused. Need some advice.
  55. First date, nervous wreck, heres what happened, please help.
  56. ex2 System, What to do after?
  57. Apartment Complex + Cute neighbor
  58. She's a virgin/Never had a boyfriend. Confused - on the verge of going full afc
  59. 18YO HIGH SCHOOL DRAMA
  60. Important things on 1st Date ?!
  61. Accepting Yourself/Building Self-Confidence
  62. So confused...
  63. What to do, cant get her out of my mind.
  64. Have to repeat a year of Uni, what to do with my time...
  65. Asked for a girls number but she said give me yours
  66. Late Night Message from Ex's Friend
  67. Build social circle in college
  68. My ex girlfriend still says....... what you think?
  69. dancefloor pickup??
  70. DHV Story - What do you think?
  71. Need help, have I messed up?
  72. Coworker Game--how would you proceed?
  73. Girls I am interested in show interest then all the sudden stop
  74. Unusual one-night-stand situation, in need of good advice
  75. How to get meet ups?
  76. Help a newbie out!
  77. How to start my first relationship?
  78. Is a turnaround possible?
  79. Hard to get or not interested?
  80. Newbie wingman for day game needed ( london)
  81. She tells me to hit her up if I'm bored. Don't know whether to take it seriously.
  82. Please help!
  83. She's adding me on facebook! What should my next move be?
  84. Asking out high school girls? High school games.
  85. Give me your advice?
  86. What to comment on a picture of me passed out drunk?
  87. How to get a girl through online without meeting in person?
  88. Newbie, Need date advice
  89. HB at Work
  90. Shy or not interested?
  91. Cancun 2014
  92. Yo
  93. Dancing in clubs
  94. Girl knows I like her
  95. Rejecting a girl
  96. Typical "I Really Like My Best Friend" Problem
  97. invited this girl i like to the city for my birthday
  98. Girl Out-Gamed me?!
  99. Help a newbie out please :)
  100. Will girls reject me simply because I am asian?
  101. Is cold approaching a good idea in college
  102. very long question lol but i need to know if i still have a chance
  103. some girl left a note on my car
  104. Pickup statistics
  105. Should I ask out via email? (special scenario)
  106. Girl's been trying to get me jealous in class. Is she worth pursuing?
  107. Any Chances recovering?
  108. 18 and Feeling Down
  109. How to get out of the friend zone ?
  110. Girl turns down advances always txt back and hangs
  111. She says she's confused
  112. Keeping FBs, FBs
  113. Just a tip
  114. College game for smaller parties
  115. openers
  116. Girls not investing into the convesation
  117. Gym Game
  118. Nightclubs
  119. Find a new place to fish?
  120. Looking for a wing in London
  121. Help with studying abroad
  122. Would love some advice... ASAP
  123. Need Help with next move!!!
  124. Memorizing names
  125. How to Approach FB situation?
  126. confuzzeled
  127. One Night Stand to 2 Night Stand
  128. Whats going on in her mind..?
  129. Girl got buyers remorse
  130. Weird club moment
  131. Are opinion openers still relevant?
  132. Freshman in College.. PUA
  133. Shotgun Kiss close
  134. First time nightclubbing, 19 y/o?
  135. Feeling down
  136. What to do with girl who has mutual friends on Facebook?
  138. This is probably common, but I really need some help. This girl has a boyfriend...
  139. San Diego near Miramar - Could use a Wingman
  140. Girl I number closed, but only texted a couple times
  141. How do I get her back??
  142. I'm Still not Getting over it.
  143. I need some advice about facebook and college
  144. Girl is outright evil, yet keeps texting me..
  145. Pick up videos
  146. Takin it to the next level
  147. Cocky comedy didn't work, AFC did....??
  148. Should I run a BF destroyer?
  149. Girl trying to friend zone me
  150. Going out with a girl who has never dated?
  151. Fucked up Date. Please help!
  152. For real PUA's only, please.
  153. Gym Approach
  154. No idea what this means
  155. I NEED help with Logistics! Living Off-Campus :(
  156. Online Convo > Text > Date closed! Critique/Advice please!
  157. Does she like me? HELP please
  158. Been messed around, but still into her
  159. almost had a threesome, what should i have done!!
  160. How can i fix it with my ex
  161. F closed & need advice ASAP
  162. Getting kiss-rejected from a girl
  163. stupid comment from check out-chick
  164. Been dating a friend/work colleague - don't know what to do
  165. Dealing with Attention-Seeking HB's (aka Attention-whores)
  166. Some help Please
  167. HELP! Trying to win back ex gf...
  168. Was I being used for her validation?
  169. I'm a soldier in the Army and I have a situation I have never been in
  170. my gf still uses her ex's stuff
  171. How to improve my speaking voice
  172. Girls who are AFC and Needy.
  173. why im not succesful with women?
  174. what do girls think about me?
  175. she has a bf but
  176. long term work colleague i'm obsessed with. help!
  177. HB's friend asked me if I like the girl..
  178. Ex's Friend?
  179. why doesnt she reply to texts/messages? should i just give up??
  180. What do you think I should do?
  181. I think i have an oneitis. FML
  182. Should I keep trying with her?
  183. What Do I Do Now? Please Help
  184. Where to start with this chick?
  185. Are juniors and seniors in college less open to making new friends?
  186. TEEN PUAs (21 and under ONLY) NYC Summer 2013
  187. Would appreciate some help please!
  188. Urgent please: Should I make move?
  189. Small town sarging...can it be effective?
  190. Problems keeping girls post-game
  191. I'm constantly called sassy -- Good or Bad? +MORE
  192. Girl I met at the club
  193. should i ask this girl out
  194. First post, used advice before I joined, but now I need help
  195. Need you guys help with CF & transitioning
  196. Setting up your room in College
  197. Why has she stopped texting me first? A bit confused.
  198. screwed up with HB8... how to recover?
  199. Help with follow up please
  200. The Cubicle/IM Office Game
  201. She gave me the fuck me eyes...Is it too late?(Please read)
  202. I'm looking for some cool and cheap peacocks to buy from Ebay
  203. Guys, I need some advice and opinions on this one..
  204. Puppies Closing Routine
  205. This girl I like has a friend who I think doesn't like me and I don't know why
  206. Where to from here?
  207. One nighter's or dating?
  208. Would like some opinions....
  209. Need help with girl from one of my classes
  210. Strippers && Hired Guns
  211. Crush said she's got a boyfriend, need advice on next move
  212. What is this girl thinking
  213. Escalated to quickly?
  214. Long Fuse or what?
  215. She said she loves me
  216. What do you think?
  217. HB Scale ... Comparisons?
  218. How to make Russian girls kiss
  219. My Situation & A Couple Of Questions
  220. Wtf does she want?
  221. Shit Test?
  222. im in a weirdest situation ever. lol
  223. In A Situation
  224. What would you guys do in my situation?
  225. She showed so much interest, gone all of the sudden?
  226. How to start talking to a girl you've been ignoring
  227. helpt with date tommorrow :(
  228. What does she want? [body language]
  229. Girls ignoring me and doing weird stuff
  230. Please answer quick--need help tomorrow!
  231. Things I wish I would've known at 21
  232. Is it too late for eye contact?
  233. Question to answer?
  234. HB10 Fitnessbabe for threesome, how to reel this in?
  235. Help! Is she interested or am I LJBF'd
  236. He likes me or is just doing that for fun?
  237. Bestfriend -> Girlfriend What Do? Major points bolded
  238. Is she interested or not
  239. gaming someone you already f-closed???
  240. 20 yr old upperclassman (transfer student), any point in rushing a fraternity now?
  241. Girl only interested when she's drunk...
  242. ''I'm not like that''
  243. Looking for new magic
  244. Young HB, do i have any chance?
  245. Girl invited me to bar/club
  246. Bad Game or lesbian? (Srs situation)
  247. Magic Bullets Question.
  248. Trying for round 2
  249. what do you guys think about gf keeping photos/items from ex's
  250. How to get the ball rolling. Initiate sex