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  1. Being a virgin
  2. Oral/Fingering Technique
  3. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE YOU GOT LAID? Post here your #...
  4. Condoms.
  5. Recommend me a good lesbian porn movie
  6. Sex Forum
  7. Prelude to Harlequin's kiss. The sexual powers of the mind.
  8. Mutiple Male Orgasm
  9. Female review of David Shade's stuff?
  10. How to stack orgasms.
  11. What is the deal with numbers?
  12. Orleans' Sex Guide
  13. Mile High Club
  14. what to do if the woman is a wetter
  15. Masturbation during single days issue.
  16. Penis Size
  17. After sex leave a note.
  18. Oral sex safety?
  19. Try this, results guarenteed
  20. Recommend best meals before going for a sex act.
  21. DO u Know How to Eat a Pussy???
  22. how do u have phone sex?
  23. Harlequin's 'Rodeo Position'
  24. Condom effectiveness / "moral" issues
  25. Whats Your Favorite Position?
  26. Thrusting
  27. Spearing
  28. Anal, more commom today?
  29. Sex an all day affair (or even longer?)
  30. two questions: sex with virgins AND sex during periods
  31. double protection
  32. Pregnant from mutual masturbation
  33. Super, intense, (full-body?) orgasm when....
  34. Performance Anxiety
  35. What's the size of your penis?
  36. What's the size of your penis?
  37. Double penetration: 2 guys + 1 girl
  38. A sex natural?
  39. Preselection and STDs
  40. sex problem
  41. Cold Fish.
  42. Making cum taste better?
  43. when shes giving me head...
  44. When you call her by another Chick`s name...
  45. Hard to get certain women to have an orgasm
  46. Getting past LMR.
  47. How often do you masturbate?
  48. She fake or not??
  49. the rape fantasy (no, not mine!)
  50. phone sex
  51. Gave Up Porn, Reaping the Benefits
  52. Hand jobs only feel good when....
  53. When a girl asks you how you like it
  54. He's going the distance, He's going for speed
  55. VC Swagger: Sexual Zones
  56. Talking Dirty
  57. How to keep a fuck buddy
  58. Weirdest place youve ever had sex.
  59. First time stamina issues
  60. when women go to the bathroom before having sex, what do they do there?
  61. Round 2
  62. Orgasm without ejaculation
  63. How do you obtain a FB?
  64. unspeakable acts
  65. An interesting problem with Western Society...
  66. Vibrator...which is a nice tool?
  67. How do you get a girl out of your place in the morning? (after ONS)
  68. Frenulum of tongue.....should I get it cut?
  69. deep spot tried and tested
  70. Malibu's Guide to Sex Positions Version 1.0
  71. WBAFC - kissing, sigh...
  72. performance problems
  73. tantra
  74. I feel gay for even posting this but . . .
  75. came in my girlfriends mouth last night (question)
  76. Thoughts on the masturbation poll
  77. Drugs, Sex and effects...
  78. how should I deal with women who make fun of the size of my penis?
  79. Best Aphrodisiacs
  80. According to women, 40 mistakes men make during sex
  81. A Virgins Sex Conversation
  82. Super Spunk Smoothie
  83. How to Master orgasms.
  84. Candyman's Sex Guide
  85. Candyman's Massage Guide
  86. oral sex, stack her orgasms
  87. funniest LMR ever
  88. Question for frequent BJ closers
  89. PSA: Some targets are trying to get pregnant
  90. Using a freezeout for anal?
  91. Help with positions...
  92. One bad night
  93. prom night-virgin-last minute advice
  94. Get her to go from 2base to 3?
  95. welcome techique?
  96. The Sex Position List
  97. Becoming a Multiorgasm Male
  98. How to bone my roomy?
  99. Setting up group/ 3somes
  100. Blowjob resistance
  101. Having sex, what do you do?
  102. The spiritual orgasm
  103. Foreplay with a ticklish girl
  104. HB has NEVER had an ORGASM
  105. Final F**k Resistance, god are you kidding me?
  106. need some kinky ideas
  107. The head of my penis is too sensitive... shite!
  108. Projectile Semen
  109. have you used Dave Shade's hypno tech?
  110. Signature Moves
  111. HIV - Important question!
  112. Sex secrets on PBS television
  113. Goin down on a girl!!
  114. I have a serious problem closing the deal, desparate for help
  115. S1
  116. Super Spunk Smoothie
  117. Sex resources for women?
  118. "grading" her performance
  119. Delayed Buyers remorse???
  120. Uncercumcised Men
  121. I can't kiss for shit.
  122. WARNING Adult circumcision
  123. She can't orgasm
  124. GOING DOWN - What's the longest time you've spent doing it non-stop?
  125. big problems need help for friday night!!
  126. What does ticklishness mean?
  127. Is a Black Women Better In Bed?
  128. I need a fucking cure!
  129. Squirting
  130. witholding kino to break lmr?
  131. the best and easiest way to eat pussy .......she will cum as many times as you want
  132. How Much Sex is too Much Sex???
  133. I have a problem...
  134. Kissing Tips?
  135. Increasing Physical Stamina for Sex?
  136. Right after sex
  137. SteveP on self-sex and why its bad
  138. Condoms 101
  139. Kissing, too much tongue?
  140. Sensual Massage
  141. If you only could pick one product..
  142. how long is to short
  143. Question regarding Stephane and Steve P squirting orgasms
  144. Being "on top" silly Q
  145. Meeting close (and #close) on chat!!
  146. Good sex positions for getting a girl to orgasm
  147. So... Tonight I lost my virginity... I think...
  148. tantric sex strongly recommended
  149. My insecurity about GF's vibrator...
  150. Kissing a woman's body?
  151. Ditch the Homophobia!!!
  152. Who has tried the Suck and Swirl Technique
  153. Delayed Ejaculation
  154. Stacking orgasms -- IT WORKS!!
  155. Premature Ejaculation
  156. Finding that damn G-Spot
  157. Finally got laid - I didn't feel much - did she cum?
  158. What is this Position
  159. What's you rfave part of female's body?
  160. Rough?
  161. Where the hell am I meant to ejaculate?
  162. Losing the sex drive
  163. Internalizing sexual game
  164. kissing
  165. Impress Your Girlfriend In Bed
  166. Certain Legality Issues
  167. Did she orgasm or not
  168. How important is it to "offer her a shower" before sex?
  169. Sensible points on a woman's body
  170. Buying condoms for the first time - What size?
  171. Pussy fingering question
  172. force myself onto her?
  173. Name your cock?
  174. Malibu's Guide to Sex Positions Version 2.0
  175. when to stack orgasms -- which girls?
  176. Blood flow to the Brain??
  177. Thoughts on Sex
  178. Cant seem t get her of on t gspot??
  179. Virginity loss.
  180. Ask her to get tested.
  181. How come. ?
  182. Easier to be 15 or 25?
  183. The Pussy.
  184. Meditation During Sex
  185. starting a sex journal
  186. To have Sex with a Lesbian
  187. All right, how do you get a girl to suck your balls?
  188. "My girlfriend can't come" Building sexual comfort.
  189. Vaginal Flatulence
  190. shortening downtime between sex?
  191. What % of girls you FUCK/EAT OUT give you BJs??
  192. how to make a girl give good head?
  193. F- Closing when you are home alone with a girl watching a movie
  195. can girls feel when you come?
  196. Technical question: Can a V-carded girl still reach orgasm if?
  197. Licky Licky Five Dolla
  198. If you have a problem with cumming to fast........READ THIS
  199. Anti-STD Cream?
  200. Is too much masturbation bad for u?
  201. stupid question :)
  202. Helping girl through abuse and image issues
  203. need some opinion and suggestion
  204. Help on orgasms!!
  205. Talk your story about the first time you got laid!!!
  206. Ticklish during sex
  207. When my girl cums...
  208. Anonymous Poll, be honest.
  209. Ok... so what do i do..
  210. Ugh...
  211. strange question
  212. LMR - 'no sex before marriage'!
  213. Have you ever had buyers remorse?
  214. The sex logistics
  215. Blowjob or Sex?
  216. Kegel Exercises For Men (lasting longer)
  217. How to fuck a virgin?
  218. difficulty staying hard and cumming during coitus
  219. big l's big problem
  220. Becoming instant AFC - Beta when shirt is off... how to overcome(please)?
  221. Very Curious about....
  222. Great Sex vs. Superman Sex
  223. The Slut Factor
  224. Too wet
  225. will too much wanking make it more difficult to get up during sex?
  226. Girl i'm dating was Raped in past....sexually shy as result
  227. Finger sucking/licking
  228. Being more dominant? (Girl likes to be dominated) how?
  229. "Hot Sex" by Vanilla Ice (go ahead and laugh now)
  230. Anybody had a threesome?
  231. Oral Issue
  232. BDSM - Detect and Communicate
  233. Sex for the first time in a couple years..
  234. penis size-inner game-
  235. 10 Things To Do Against Premature Ejaculation
  236. limp dick
  237. diseases.
  238. How much does she "drive" while you're thrusting?
  239. shaving
  240. Old Sex Toys - New Girls
  241. Very Limp Dick
  242. Work with fingers or tongue..?
  243. Condom Transition
  244. not enjoying it
  245. Bondage
  246. The Female Orgasm
  247. ménage à trois
  248. Accidentally blew in her pussy
  249. masterbation/handjob
  250. ways to cultivate more sexual energy