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  1. Life experiences with woman - what can we conclude so far?
  2. Women with kids?
  3. Solid game - but should I lie?
  4. Disqualifying on the #-close? (for way older guys)
  5. HB 9 one-itis prob, What the hell is she thinking?
  6. how much do you find age as a barrier
  7. The quality of women the game gets you ( not a politically correct thread)
  8. do your girlfriends know you use this community ?
  9. Russian friend needs advice-claims she's not over ex
  10. Do you find you care less and less about the woman's reacton to you as you get older?
  11. Inner game books
  12. How do you pick up women in a mall?
  13. FR: The power of eye contact and how can I make a girl fall in love with me
  14. I want a threesome. Tips?
  15. Making a fresh start
  16. Kids killing game
  17. Need alot on this one
  18. Daygame: Screening barely legals from jailbait without being creepy.
  19. Sarging revelations as they apply to me
  20. Need some opinion/advice...
  21. Does it matter if im being used if I get to have sex with a beautiful women?
  22. Ultimatums
  23. Trying to arrange second date
  24. Munich Bootcamp
  25. Fed up with men ?
  26. Should I meet up with her, or hold out?
  27. Not sure if she wants second date...
  28. Need some advice: How to handle the ex who's with someone else, but is reaching out?
  29. 30 or older in Los Angeles?
  30. Fancy a bit of fun with my pivot..
  31. Cautious Girl...
  32. I fuckin' figured it out...I don't open because I have absolutely no funny material..
  33. Night out with girl from Facebook...she's comin with friends...
  34. Help needed in a situation badly thanks
  35. Cougar tips?
  36. BF Destroyers
  37. experienced advisors needed..
  38. Sarge with limp
  39. Women with kids
  40. this keeps happening!!
  41. Really need clarification on this!
  42. Gaming younger girls?
  43. Height and size/ personality overkill etc/general talk
  44. The Mind-Body Connection
  45. An Inevitable March towards Progress
  46. How to deal with a FB who's lookin elsewhere for meaningful relationship?
  47. How to Keep the Momentum Going
  48. GQ Article "The Sweet Spot"
  49. How do guys do it?
  50. 18 yr old virgin
  51. Very Complicated! Totally confused!!
  52. Bit of Advice Would Be Appreciated
  53. delete
  54. 50+ Where's the best places to meet
  55. Here's a problem of mine I've noticed, and I hope it's not because of maturity...
  56. Need Advice
  57. younger girlfriend dumped me
  58. Two many negs?
  59. Herpes or not have Herpes
  60. Old guy first time lessons learned advice please
  61. Man, this why I'm done fooling with Cougars...
  62. 30+ Style
  63. Moving Beyond Seduction And "Picking Up" Women
  64. Belief Systems
  65. When your frame is too strong, it becomes "Intense."
  66. A friendly reminder to the average 30 somethings like myself...
  67. Older men - DHV or DLV?
  68. Projecting her into your world
  69. High Maintenance Girls?
  70. What would you think of yourself if you....
  71. looking to find some people, similar to where I'm at
  72. DeadEyeDick's Dating Diary
  73. My sticking point
  74. Jimmy Hats
  75. Having some trouble with nighttime energy...
  76. How old do you look? (tool)
  77. Brink Magazine Tests Magic Bullets for 30+ Men
  78. Game is game, no matter what age you are
  79. How to Deal with Female's Insecurities
  80. older pick up artists who look younger?
  81. Day after a great date
  82. Has anyone explored the whole art scene?
  83. Going back to university in my 30's
  84. bookstore routine ideas?
  85. What do you guys think of this real email exchange
  86. Older Men and Younger Women -- this week
  87. YOUNGER WOMEN OLDER MEN w/examples
  88. Social circles and age differences
  89. Good text after freeze out?
  90. Advice on losing the inner Wuss
  91. 38 and seeking some assistance...
  92. Over 30 & back in the game
  93. Ever get the Approach response "Thanks for stopping by!"??
  94. King of the Juco
  95. How long does this shit take?
  96. Angry as hell! Please help!
  97. qualification based on sexual capabilities?
  98. Who would have more pulling power, a 21 or 30 year old?
  99. I have some limiting beliefs regarding my age
  100. Strike out becomes f-close -- and I'm still insecure!
  101. AAAAAAAAAAAAH just say it
  102. A Few Thoughts on Workplace Game
  103. Proper response to failed 3AM bootycall
  104. Constant blow jobs but no sex?!!?!
  105. Getting called player more and more often now!? Good or bad?
  106. Got her contact info but she is dating a guy
  107. fashion attraction??
  108. Running game on 18-21 year olds as a 30 year old?
  109. 29 & 30. Is there a perception difference?
  110. Okay, so this hot lil' 22 yo is driving me insane!!
  111. 30+ Guys: What's your BIGGEST regret in life!?
  112. Instigating Day Two
  113. Give it to me straight: How is the single life when you're 30, 40 or older?
  114. Valentine's Day Single's Party
  115. Rate my conquest and help me game (pic enclosed)
  116. Should we dumb down to connect with the masses???
  117. damage control
  118. I am about ready to GIVE UP!
  119. Do you use a PUA Nickname?
  120. PU of HB's is a young man's game
  121. hey
  122. What's Up with this? Help
  123. Hello and Help
  124. Showing your kids
  125. working the room
  126. Heeelp ASAP!!!!!!!
  127. Help with next step, just coming out of LJBF
  128. Building a High Value Social Circle
  129. Played out...
  130. Dilemma. Advice needed!!!!
  131. So how old are you?
  132. Phone Game Voicemail - Need Feedback
  133. How do you guys meet girls?
  134. Holy cRAP iT WORKED
  135. Need advice on approach technique
  136. Can't stop it...
  137. how can i neg this bitch (bewildered)
  138. Should I hide the fact that I just got out of prison?
  139. A year in but very limited success
  140. when do you decide if you want kids later in life?
  141. no problem with getting numbers but.....
  142. Bus Game advice?
  143. My rant for today--clingy girls
  144. your age on the internet
  145. Improving dancing versus improving game?
  146. what does she want?
  147. Being almost 35 and having a low income
  148. Have I Disappeared into the Friend Zone?
  149. Do I Tell Her About My Kids?
  150. Flaky Waffle- opinions?
  151. Hey Guys, I Need A Woman's Opinion
  152. Thoughts that Gnaw
  153. advice on amog's
  154. The WORST Advice You've Ever Received?
  155. Calibrating to Yourself
  156. How to quit masturbation
  157. 3 set blew up in my face
  158. I'll see your 30+ and raise you 50+
  159. CB AMOG in a 3 set...
  160. Is the Mall the best place to game?
  161. Text Tennis with a pornstar
  162. Best Place to Meet 30 YO Women
  163. someone known for a while
  164. Ms. Non-Sequitur. Anybody know this type?
  165. Wisdom
  166. Specific Game Plan for Waitress (Hired Gun)
  167. Another example of handling the age thing.
  168. two girls too much headache!!!!
  169. I lied about my age!!!!
  170. Begin at the beginning
  171. Shit Tests
  172. Not falling into the "mentor" roll...
  173. Another buying drinks question?
  174. You believe you can PU on this one?
  175. Help me with this shit test
  176. This babe in my building
  177. Using MM to mend her broken heart?
  178. different game for younger girls?
  179. Need help asap!!!
  180. Sarging at colleges when you're an outsider: thoughts??
  181. For you older guys (35) plus
  182. New Woman / Same Wife
  183. Women-sending mixed messages & still entangled with former BF
  184. phone question
  185. Response needed for “How old are you?” ... when I am considerably older than her!
  186. Earrings or No
  187. Kids and Dating
  188. Attracting girls at work
  189. too old at 31?
  190. Men's magazine...
  191. Call for advice - distance gaming
  192. How long can I keep doing this?
  193. f-buddy playing games?
  194. doormat
  195. poor mans game
  196. It finally hit me
  197. Question to settle a difference
  198. Re-engaged, now what?
  199. HB - On again, Off again
  200. I blew her off.... now what ?
  201. Gaming bachelorette/birthday parties
  202. Shit Test...
  203. What to say when asked "What did you do last night?"
  204. Sir?
  205. What is your value to younger girls?
  206. Best women born 1960 or earlier
  207. what happened!
  208. qualifying younger + quietter women
  209. Does sex become less important as you get into your 30s?
  210. WTF? Age is an advantage?
  211. 100 MPH Fastball 10's
  212. looking for comments
  213. Please don't do what the guy did....
  214. Re-engaging: To do or not to do
  215. A ray of hope for the 40+ guys
  216. Girl who just moved in across the hall
  217. handling age and another question
  218. IOI or not??
  219. Anyone else find opinion openers to be weird/goofy at this age?
  220. Meeting women without the bars and clubs..
  221. Calling all 40+ PUA's - need advice
  222. What are your goals?
  223. time for a dye job?
  224. Cant get past # close
  225. MILF question
  226. 3set of european chicks speaking Spanish...
  227. Social Circle
  228. Age and Marital Status
  229. "Do I make you nervous?"
  230. Need advice with young interested and engaged HB
  231. settling anxiety
  232. Ex-wife's bf
  233. In regards to Pithore's Kiss close thread
  234. Loosing the energy...
  235. Deceased Parents
  236. On turning 40...
  237. waning interest
  238. Being Over 30
  239. Want to Game Younger !!! Move to Vegas!!!
  240. Older PUAs gaming younger HBs
  241. Met a girl who looks exactly like a porn star
  242. How to lead with 16 up to 19 y.o. girls?
  243. date with 28 year old woman
  244. Winning son's approval
  245. Younger women - Yes there is a difference!
  246. 33 and at University: Younger Women
  247. Tackling neediness
  248. Married Friend
  249. Kiss and # close-No call back
  250. Mannnn ....I did the craziest thing yesterday....