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  1. How do you respond to the question "Why is a guy like you still single?"
  2. In a dating rut
  3. First Kiss
  4. I am such a Pussy
  5. Botox
  6. Going out with a vegan or vegitarian
  7. A question for those of you with experience
  8. Is there any hope in this situation?
  9. Cold gaming a club
  10. What's the point?
  11. The hoops that we jump through
  12. Just Out of College (Besides Bars)
  13. What in the hell happened?
  14. how to game this MILF
  15. Sexy stereotyping and the older man
  16. Long Distance Relationships, worth the bother?
  17. Is she playing games or did I scare her?
  18. Pickup
  19. eye contact - advice needed
  20. Lie To Me.
  21. any chance?
  22. Women in England predisposed to hate me
  23. Croatian Bro in need!HB 9
  24. Waitress at bar, been out with several times, but has boyfriend
  25. Beginner trying to game a younger lady. (Need Help Please!)
  26. Escalating game w/ separated HB9, need advice
  27. MILF and an insecure 25+ girl
  28. I am in the presence of a master (Ultimate nexting)
  29. Hb11
  30. Finding wings after 30
  31. I said LJBF. She agreed... sort of.
  32. 2 dates at the same time-need to spill my guts
  33. Sticking point - logistic for a 3some
  34. Back together but don't "feel" things are solid?
  35. Her weird behavior - what should I do?
  36. Do You Guys Watch "Men Of A Certain Age?"
  37. Does he like me? Your advice appreciated
  38. New Here
  39. how to game MILF on Day 2....
  40. Fucked her then she decides I'm too old?
  41. LJBF Frame Change Possible??
  42. How to address 18-22 y/o?
  43. Woman re-initiating contact"cant be without you,love you" line..
  44. easiest way to improve your inner and outer game
  45. Does the genie go back in the bottle?
  46. Online game over 40 (or 50)
  47. Competing against your own buddies
  48. stuck on lip kissing
  49. Is a diet or period a right for a girl to be a total bitch?
  50. Those pesky boyfriends..
  51. "I don't date guys that old" after brilliant times together- LJBF, or some potential?
  52. To older men, I need your wisdom and advice.
  53. How do you stay positive and energetic when you're constantly tired?
  54. how long?
  55. dumped by ex via text, then get an email with no subject and just a link.
  56. HB9 says shes not into games or the chase, wants a man to be real with her
  57. Question about 30 year old women...
  58. Using a cute puppy?
  59. 20 year old hot Slovakian lifeguard without a cell phone!
  60. Shallow Profiles
  61. How to hook mixed sets with childish 18-22 boys in it?
  62. At the GYM
  63. I need help and a game plan.
  64. On shit tests...
  65. Everyone says this girl is into me, then bam! Flakes on a text...
  66. jealousy plotline for ex who dumped me, just for kicks!!!!
  67. Handled Right??
  68. Can this be saved?
  69. is this Wrong?
  70. Lunch Date
  71. Good, bad and ugly
  72. She lied. Call her out or forget about her?
  73. Best/Worst Pick Up Lines of the Day :)
  74. 1 week to get her hooked...without seeing her face to face.
  75. How To Understand this Woman
  76. Never ran into this situation before, could use a little advice
  77. Can you be attractive to women if your not an alchohol drinker at all?
  78. Acted Deserate and Needy; How to Undo?
  79. Where to take an older woman on second date
  80. baffled and need help
  81. Interpret this Facebook Behavior: what is your opinion of what happened...
  82. She says I'm the Best, the Hottest, Can't Wait to See me again, and then...zippo
  83. 50 year old Bullet Bangs Playmate from Playboy Mansion
  84. Win back trust of GF after 1 night stand - help!
  85. Need to recover from near terminal case of oneitis.
  86. single mothers
  87. single mothers
  88. Trouble in Comfort
  89. White guys Gamming South American women
  90. Tell Me if I am Correct
  91. Question after a ridiculous 'lovers' fight/quarrel
  92. How do to keep a FWB from turning into a relationship without lying?
  93. Need help with hb 9+
  94. the classic aboutface the next day, wtf???
  95. How should I game the Target's girlfriend?
  96. D2 not converting or not hitting on enough women?
  97. Dealing with rejections as a PUA
  98. Cut her off or just go with the flow?
  99. HELP: Great at opening, but lose momentum with younger women
  100. (long post) Help, I can't figure what she wants or what to do from here (flaky girl)
  101. Greeting the HB on D2, need your input puas
  102. Just curious what you guys think this means of her thinking
  103. Libido and my progression
  104. How to deal with a situation like this?
  105. She's baaaaaaack!
  106. Life Dilemma??!!Arranged marriages
  107. Did i mess up somehow?
  108. college girls
  109. tulsa sargeing
  110. small apartment
  111. As my girlfriend force to have sex with her ???
  112. Stuck in a rut
  113. Seeing one girl - want another one. Given risks, should I bother?
  114. I think my perspective is off
  115. Gaining Men's Confidence
  116. Need help w/ isolation.. almost worked and then friend cock-blocked me
  117. The game of fwd vs backing off
  118. how do you re-align to subtle shit tests?
  119. Man up or be more picky about women?
  120. Rock bottom
  121. I'm an indecisive mo-farker!
  122. The physiological effect on approaching women and relationships
  123. dating younger girls
  124. Reprogamming
  125. Confused..Need some insight..
  126. Girl goes cold-can't figure it out
  127. Ever seen last minute resistance to a relationship?
  128. Failing at Pickup
  129. Wing girl at dance congress / parties
  130. Four years into the game
  131. Storytelling, topic conversation and keeping the conversation on....
  132. First approach in years and it works, now what?
  133. I'm Not Accepting Defeat with Her!
  134. Hey guys- this lady wants to know, would you rather.....
  135. Back in the Game! Boo-ya!
  136. Asking out your physio, massage therapist, nurse, doctor etc.
  137. Started great, now slipping away. How to get back on track??
  138. Experienced PUAS, I need help in situation with 9.5 widow
  139. Older, Married, with Attraction to Young Woman at Workplace - Unsure of Next Step
  140. Girl in my apartment, how to kino/escalate? please help
  141. Looking for PUAs in Miracle Mile area of L.A.
  142. Accused of being pushy, do I have a chance?
  143. I have lost my way
  144. 22 Year old female dating a 38 Year old man
  145. Girl keeps texting all the time
  146. weary of moving to silicon valley(newbie)
  147. Am I done?
  148. I am not ready to mentor anybody, why do people keep asking?
  149. Oneitis is like a fever
  150. Long Distance Girls going cold after meeting. WTF??
  151. 30 Plus Game POEM
  152. Very urgent need your help about both game
  153. Interview series materials (ADVICE)
  154. Number closed - Now how to text follow up with a busy chick? (she has a boyfriend)
  155. day2 happened and went well - have I been stuck in text/phone mode though?
  156. Noise...
  157. How to have sex for at least 20 minutes after 40 minutes of foreplay?
  158. Advice in dealing with an emotionally attached older women
  159. Getting my game back...
  160. Remaining Unaffected vs. calling them out
  161. Help me approach bank worker
  162. picking up cam models?
  163. Why I believe people get One-itis
  164. Attraction, State and Image
  165. i have no male friends
  166. Advice to me [Cougar in StyleTiger's claws]
  167. Got number, but she was vague when I called
  168. Please help me with my older man
  169. Finding a date for an overnight Yacht Club cruise
  170. Revealing a dirty jokes for your game
  171. Sexual Health checkup, to ask her or not to? Contraception?
  172. You must read....
  173. Lots of success with cute, great, young girls ... sorta ...
  174. It is still decided by placement of meat and bone...
  175. Successfully made it to first base! NICE!
  176. When you fall in love you lose!?
  177. Potential Date bringing a lesbian friend - ?
  178. Solid 9 cold / cool call due tomorrow
  179. Unemployed, 40 year's old, introvert wants to be a PUA, but procrastinates
  180. Is it harder to pickup YOUNG girls (18-21) when you're in your 30s?
  181. Cougar co-worker
  182. What to do say when she's not feeling well
  183. Coworker is 27 I am 39....I'm F'd and quickly moving towards the friend zone...HELP!
  184. Looking for some wings in NYC
  185. how to find out if she is serious.
  186. back in game
  187. Married woman seeks advice from PUA's
  188. Help with crazy new age HB9
  189. Reboot my GAME
  190. how to reset :)
  191. so do guys really get more attractive with age?
  192. Did I get out of the "Friend Zone"?
  193. Feeling like a child...
  194. Got engaged and she went out with some work guy friend to catch up ???
  195. Opinions Please
  196. Online dating for older guys?
  197. Made Some Mistakes - Am I Missing Any?
  198. Help: recovering from mediocre gaming?
  199. in sin city need help
  200. Dumped fucking hard-boom!-ugh
  201. How to qualify a HB10 who is 20+yrs younger
  202. is there a realistic cut off point for dating girls 18-20?
  203. Great Day. Then too busy. Drop it or pursue further?
  204. She's sexting other guys. Get my shit back or cut loose?
  205. how do you learn/organize PU knowledge? to get 9s
  206. Milf going on 50 but still on the bar/club scene
  207. "sure you are twice my age"
  208. Asking women out at the office?
  209. What Did I Miss - Or What Did He Miss?
  210. DHV Dance Scenario
  211. Do women from different countries respond differently?
  212. "Are you attracted to me"
  213. What about older guys looking for older women?
  214. Here's how my first date went.
  215. Everybody looks ok until you start getting know them better and start causing problem
  216. Spring break
  217. Do You Think That You Could Be Single Forever?
  218. im 35 met cute 29 year old girl, want to maximize my chance for success
  219. I have done something very silly and fallen for an escort girl
  220. I just wonder.
  221. Has anyone been on a blind date?
  222. I stupidly dumped my girl and now regret it
  223. I messed up pretty bad and I'm looking for some advice
  224. Lifestyle for the 35+ ?
  225. Dating experience: Total disbelief.
  226. Dated a Woman With A kid??
  227. What sort of men to ladies like to date?
  228. How tall to ladies like there men to be?
  229. What do people thing of my reply
  230. why girl like to cry... are they enjoy...
  231. a girl who lost hope of the world
  232. Do you ever regret you didn't settle ?
  233. Pure Curiosity
  234. moving a LUNCH into a DINNER and drinks
  235. weasel friend
  236. How do I tell her I'm 41 ?
  237. If you can see she's visibly shaken......
  238. Does her having a roomate make age difference tougher?
  239. Girl 2 hours away and never even met postponed
  240. Using a female friend to do a setup for you
  241. Girls say I'm hot out of nowhere
  242. Initial greeting on a first date
  243. When to call for second date?
  244. understanding the signs....
  245. Seeing great HB9 - but think I am losing my balls.
  246. make girl attract to u
  247. Eventually the make-up fades, am I wrong on this?
  248. Daygaming for older dudes....
  249. Occasional anger/resentment months later normal?
  250. Do I facebook her????