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  1. Getting called player more and more often now!? Good or bad?
  2. Got her contact info but she is dating a guy
  3. fashion attraction??
  4. Running game on 18-21 year olds as a 30 year old?
  5. 29 & 30. Is there a perception difference?
  6. Okay, so this hot lil' 22 yo is driving me insane!!
  7. 30+ Guys: What's your BIGGEST regret in life!?
  8. Instigating Day Two
  9. Give it to me straight: How is the single life when you're 30, 40 or older?
  10. Valentine's Day Single's Party
  11. Rate my conquest and help me game (pic enclosed)
  12. Should we dumb down to connect with the masses???
  13. damage control
  14. I am about ready to GIVE UP!
  15. Do you use a PUA Nickname?
  16. PU of HB's is a young man's game
  17. hey
  18. What's Up with this? Help
  19. Hello and Help
  20. Showing your kids
  21. working the room
  22. Heeelp ASAP!!!!!!!
  23. Help with next step, just coming out of LJBF
  24. Building a High Value Social Circle
  25. Played out...
  26. Dilemma. Advice needed!!!!
  27. So how old are you?
  28. Phone Game Voicemail - Need Feedback
  29. How do you guys meet girls?
  30. Holy cRAP iT WORKED
  31. Need advice on approach technique
  32. Can't stop it...
  33. how can i neg this bitch (bewildered)
  34. Should I hide the fact that I just got out of prison?
  35. A year in but very limited success
  36. when do you decide if you want kids later in life?
  37. no problem with getting numbers but.....
  38. Bus Game advice?
  39. My rant for today--clingy girls
  40. your age on the internet
  41. Improving dancing versus improving game?
  42. what does she want?
  43. Being almost 35 and having a low income
  44. Have I Disappeared into the Friend Zone?
  45. Do I Tell Her About My Kids?
  46. Flaky Waffle- opinions?
  47. Hey Guys, I Need A Woman's Opinion
  48. Thoughts that Gnaw
  49. advice on amog's
  50. The WORST Advice You've Ever Received?
  51. Calibrating to Yourself
  52. How to quit masturbation
  53. 3 set blew up in my face
  54. I'll see your 30+ and raise you 50+
  55. CB AMOG in a 3 set...
  56. Is the Mall the best place to game?
  57. Text Tennis with a pornstar
  58. Best Place to Meet 30 YO Women
  59. someone known for a while
  60. Ms. Non-Sequitur. Anybody know this type?
  61. Wisdom
  62. Specific Game Plan for Waitress (Hired Gun)
  63. Another example of handling the age thing.
  64. two girls too much headache!!!!
  65. I lied about my age!!!!
  66. Begin at the beginning
  67. Shit Tests
  68. Not falling into the "mentor" roll...
  69. Another buying drinks question?
  70. You believe you can PU on this one?
  71. Help me with this shit test
  72. This babe in my building
  73. Using MM to mend her broken heart?
  74. different game for younger girls?
  75. Need help asap!!!
  76. Sarging at colleges when you're an outsider: thoughts??
  77. For you older guys (35) plus
  78. New Woman / Same Wife
  79. Women-sending mixed messages & still entangled with former BF
  80. phone question
  81. Response needed for “How old are you?” ... when I am considerably older than her!
  82. Earrings or No
  83. Kids and Dating
  84. Attracting girls at work
  85. too old at 31?
  86. Men's magazine...
  87. Call for advice - distance gaming
  88. How long can I keep doing this?
  89. f-buddy playing games?
  90. doormat
  91. poor mans game
  92. It finally hit me
  93. Question to settle a difference
  94. Re-engaged, now what?
  95. HB - On again, Off again
  96. I blew her off.... now what ?
  97. Gaming bachelorette/birthday parties
  98. Shit Test...
  99. What to say when asked "What did you do last night?"
  100. Sir?
  101. What is your value to younger girls?
  102. Best women born 1960 or earlier
  103. what happened!
  104. qualifying younger + quietter women
  105. Does sex become less important as you get into your 30s?
  106. WTF? Age is an advantage?
  107. 100 MPH Fastball 10's
  108. looking for comments
  109. Please don't do what the guy did....
  110. Re-engaging: To do or not to do
  111. A ray of hope for the 40+ guys
  112. Girl who just moved in across the hall
  113. handling age and another question
  114. IOI or not??
  115. Anyone else find opinion openers to be weird/goofy at this age?
  116. Meeting women without the bars and clubs..
  117. Calling all 40+ PUA's - need advice
  118. What are your goals?
  119. time for a dye job?
  120. Cant get past # close
  121. MILF question
  122. 3set of european chicks speaking Spanish...
  123. Social Circle
  124. Age and Marital Status
  125. "Do I make you nervous?"
  126. Need advice with young interested and engaged HB
  127. settling anxiety
  128. Ex-wife's bf
  129. In regards to Pithore's Kiss close thread
  130. Loosing the energy...
  131. Deceased Parents
  132. On turning 40...
  133. waning interest
  134. Being Over 30
  135. Want to Game Younger !!! Move to Vegas!!!
  136. Older PUAs gaming younger HBs
  137. Met a girl who looks exactly like a porn star
  138. How to lead with 16 up to 19 y.o. girls?
  139. date with 28 year old woman
  140. Winning son's approval
  141. Younger women - Yes there is a difference!
  142. 33 and at University: Younger Women
  143. Tackling neediness
  144. Married Friend
  145. Kiss and # close-No call back
  146. Mannnn ....I did the craziest thing yesterday....
  147. Need advice on gaming younger girls.
  148. Giving space, or broken up? Read, Listen, Learn, and Help
  149. My 2 cents on peacocking for the older crowd
  150. Advice needed (m35/f23, A2, dinner tomorrow)
  151. I just turned 30...
  152. Advice required on being successful with younger girls
  153. Am I getting addicted to the game?
  154. Freaks, anamolies, special skills?
  155. Qualification & older women
  156. Dating Single Moms: The Benefits Package
  157. Day Game?
  158. Spring Break!!!!
  159. Fader's Thread on Unattachment and Indifference ...
  160. Keep meeting a lot of fat girls - what gives?
  161. Didn't expect this in my 30s
  162. Girl help....not the norm
  163. Advice please...after first date
  164. Is it ever a good idea to hook up with girls at work?
  165. "Guy in their late 20's are useless"
  166. Open relationship thoughts
  167. What do you want in a chick? Or not want?
  168. Just reading the book, real life event...
  169. openers for guys in their 30's
  170. Help with posting on Match, any ideas?
  171. Are There Signs Someone Younger Is Interested?
  172. Advice
  173. advice daygame
  174. chick making fun of me behind my back
  175. She didn't respond to my last email - What might I do?
  176. Need help w young hired gun
  177. Darn why didn't I read the rest of the book yet....
  178. So sad some "players" are going the wrong way...
  179. Has learning the game put you off marriage for good?
  180. Which are the MOST important Emotional Needs of women?
  181. Why we have it made in the shade.
  182. Scott Bayo is 45 and single....need advice....
  183. Stuck on D2
  184. adictions are blocking my game
  185. Cold call
  186. Peacocking for the older crowd?
  187. Online Sargin = F*ck Closes!
  188. Help me please!!
  189. help for a newbie-rejection
  190. HB9 vs Strange
  191. Being Married
  192. What Use is a Marriage Contract?
  193. A little help from my PUA brothers...
  194. boyfriend destroying tactics or not?
  195. poker night w/ HB8
  196. Female PUAs??
  197. Help
  198. NYC sarge
  199. Talk Their Motherfucking Ears Off!!!!
  200. Hopeless?
  201. going out in Boston
  202. New Years Res......
  203. Bad breath
  204. New Year's Eve
  205. Inner Struggle With Belief
  206. Koh
  207. The biggest AFC-WUSS-NICE-GUY-LJBF
  208. Small town makes practice hard. Any advice
  209. Pre-PU Arousal
  210. Party Game Primer for the Older Crowd
  211. Being 34 is GOOD
  212. Gaming 25 yr HB7, stuck at age difference, I THINK?
  213. Toronto Bootcamp w/ Sinn this weekend, Dec 7-9
  214. The effect of age on game?
  215. The effect of The Game
  216. Looks being your only criteria
  217. F'd Up - Repairable?
  218. 1 Month In
  219. thrill of life, where is the magic in 30+ HB's
  220. Still a virgin
  221. Las Vegas for 40+
  222. Do I really want a 20 something or am I fooling myself?
  223. dumped twice- help!
  224. possible case of buyer's remorse
  225. How do you sarge non-english speaking girls?
  226. How to get out of an LJBF?
  227. DHV or not
  228. Difficulty in the Game with English Ladies
  229. Observations....from a Newbie about to embark on a mission!
  230. BF hate text
  231. Newbie mission?
  232. Greying hair--to dye or not to dye
  233. Hired guns or Flaky HBs
  234. Help with cultural issues
  235. # closing
  236. Casting Couch Woes
  237. Question about feeling guilty just trying to get laid with no further intentions.
  238. Help: Re-opening relationship
  239. ? about number closing
  240. Manwhore label
  241. Zero tolerance
  242. Trying to do this right
  243. Isolate and Escalate.....or Masturbate
  244. Kids
  245. how do you PU hired guns?!?!?!
  246. just a tidbit i think would be cool
  247. tips for speed dating
  248. gaming twin sisters
  249. Scenario Advice
  250. Shit test or Wishy-washy ?