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  1. LR Braddock Soldier of Fortune!
  2. Change your life NOW!!!!!!!
  3. Change your life NOW!!!!!!!
  4. Q and A on Wings and Cutting old Friends
  5. Braddock's prescription to move out of the LJBF Zone
  6. Oneitus??
  7. To the new guys!
  8. Do you bring value or take it????
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  13. Social Circle vs. Cold Approach...Let's just hug it out
  14. Golden Rule of building a new social circle.....
  15. Q and A on Love
  16. When to pull the trigger in your social circle....
  17. "I don't chase......I replace."
  18. Spring Break Game: Braddock's Definitive Guide (Guaranteed to get you laid)
  19. Q and A: Approach Anxiety
  20. College Game Videos by Braddock
  21. Creating Friends With Benefits (My Response In red)
  22. Opening Mixed Groups (Guys and Girls)
  23. Too 'Routine Dependent' Sticking Point
  24. Same Night Lay Simple Pointers....
  25. Approach Anxiety by Braddock
  26. Takeaways For SNL's by Braddock
  27. Dates by Braddock: Lunch, Dinner, Drinks
  28. Girl has a boyfriend, but I know she likes me by Braddock
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  31. Dating Tip: Become Successful With Women by Modeling
  32. The Ultimate Guide To Phone And Text Game
  33. How do I date hotter girls? "Proximity is Power."
  34. Q and A How can I make girls laugh?
  35. Dating Tips: Interview with Dating Coaches Braddock and Vercetti
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  37. Inner Game: Abundance Part 1 by Braddock
  38. A Few Inner Game Basics
  39. Transitioning After Going Direct
  40. Is Game Turning You Into A Douche? Don't let it. (Braddock and Neverender)
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  42. Sneak Peek Into Developing Social Circle Mastery