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  1. How to pick up strippers?
  2. Need help with the waitress
  3. Bartenders...any special treatment?
  4. How do you befriend the DJ and staff?
  5. Advice Sought -- Dinner Date with a Stripper
  6. Stripper Recovery
  7. Gaming a waitress and Qualifiers....
  8. Need Advice on Hostess Sarge
  9. So I met a stripper the other day...
  10. the stripper phenomenon
  11. I need stripper help..too many #'s for me!
  12. Hired Guns knowlege Archive.
  13. advice on sarging a waitress
  14. Sarged a Stripper-need pointers
  15. New StripClub Strategy?
  16. Hired guns tactics ?
  17. Strippers
  18. Orgasmatron's Strip Club Safety Guide
  19. Canned Routine for Restaurant Waitresses
  20. Waitress and her jealous boyfriend
  21. hittin up strip club tonight, any tips?
  22. Stripper Seminars
  23. “Can I Take Your Order?” - How to Sarge Hired Guns
  24. hot bartenders...
  25. I'm going to a stripclub for the first time
  26. Gaming HB's in Clothing Stores
  27. help wanted to build an opnion opener for a waitress
  28. Stripper Seduction
  29. A Couple of Stripper Questions
  30. Lap Dance Question
  31. Stripper This, Stripper That
  32. How do I use a pawn on a Go-Go Dancer?
  33. sarging strippers
  34. Stripclub Disaster!!!!!!!!!!
  35. safe to kino in strippers
  36. Stripper # closes me! But now what!? Read the story!
  37. Is gaming a stripper difficult?
  38. Stripper roomates?
  39. Strip Club Guidelines
  40. Strip Club Question
  41. Opening Waitresses that are not serving you...
  42. Please Help...Stripper Advice
  43. Yet another involving a waitress
  44. Stripper "Lifers" (Academic?)
  45. Make the bartender your BEST FRIEND
  46. Closing HG at Clothing Store
  47. Reopening a Disaster
  48. How to make the DJ your buddy - tis easy!
  49. PUAs vs Strip Club Management?
  50. Stripper pickup wiki
  51. Is this Stripper for real?
  52. Old School Cat's pearls of wisdoms on Strippers
  53. HB who works in the store
  54. Retail Pickups
  55. How to get a free drink from a barmaid.
  56. Are You Bumping Into Many PUAs in Strip Clubs Lately?
  57. Invitation to run game?
  58. First time post, need expert advise!!
  59. escort girls
  60. What happens when you ARE the hg??
  61. Strippers, badboys - true story
  62. Canned Stripper Routines? Approach?
  63. Stripper Tips
  64. Waitresses
  65. Extra Hot Latte
  66. Strict Management Policy as a barrier for dancers
  67. Promotion Models?
  68. Girl who works at deli, APPROACH HELP!
  69. Hustle Evasions
  70. Why so much interest in gaming strippers???
  71. Stripper game - Help......
  72. Mister Mojos Vegas Strippers Game
  73. Hired gun at Chevy's
  74. picking up a bartender
  75. Retail Girls? Where I seem to lose them
  76. Building a Social Proof and Using it Properly... Part 1 (long post)
  77. my first hired gun # close turned out to be after the $
  78. Last night I went to the strip club for the first time.
  79. hitting on cashiers
  80. 2 questions.
  81. Booth Babes?
  82. Another Hired Gun
  83. Is my stripper GF slutty or just an attention whore?
  84. A little help..
  85. Am I in Attraction Phase?
  86. Need Help with Hired Gun
  87. My successes when it comes to strip clubs
  88. Help with Stripper... Please..
  89. Advice on Day 2 and Beyond, Plus a FR: Strip Club
  90. Opening flight attendants
  91. Help with two things please
  92. gaming a stripper
  93. Hooters
  94. Busy bar, good openers for attractive bar tenders?
  95. Pornstars?
  96. First stripper attempt thoughts please
  97. # closed my first hired gun
  98. lesbian stripper
  99. Going to Strippers with Lesbians need help
  100. 1st attempt using MM - #closed a stripper and met up the next day ;)
  101. Using hired guns to create social proof in your group
  102. Bank Teller sarge.... advice?
  103. shot girls
  104. girls at adult novelty store
  105. Stripper Game
  106. Hired gun 9.5 ... advise me...
  107. do this work???
  108. Hired guns question
  109. Picking up a Bartender
  110. Hired Guns giggling just to be nice????
  111. # close gambit, weird result...
  112. Killer new opener for dancers?
  113. somewhere down the road I messed up??
  114. How to approach a girl in a mall store?
  115. Hooters Technique To Hook As Many AS You Choose- Very Long
  116. Hot Sales Girl That Comes To See Me
  117. #close neg history lesson
  118. Stripper Questions
  119. How to bounce a stripper?
  120. The jewelry shop woman
  121. Bartender/Waitress at bar I frequent
  122. Mall Hired Guns?
  123. Refusing a dance questions
  124. Stripper Tips: Part 2
  125. i'm a hired gun, wtf?
  126. Strippers are by far the easiest girls to game.
  127. Hitting on a Waitress at a Bar
  128. logistic question on hired gun routines
  129. Bartender/Waitress forgot my drink
  130. When a stripper asks you to buy her a drink...
  131. Opener that always works on hired guns...
  132. Need Hooters Help
  133. Sudoku at a strip club?
  134. Weird thing with a stripper
  135. Help needed: They already like me i've just got to close..
  136. lap dance
  137. How many of you have actually f-closed a stripper!?
  138. Stripper revisits
  139. Leveraging Strip clubs for innner game.
  140. "Your Funny", "Im Gay"
  141. This is how to make strippers stop seeing you as a client
  142. Beer Tub Girls
  143. gaming the bartender
  144. How to pull FOUR strippers and get them out of a strip club in 20 mins.
  145. College Bartenders, how to get number after IoI's?
  146. My first application of principles here .. may make you laugh
  147. Gaming cashiers,waitresses,etc...
  148. How to sarge clothing store girl
  149. Go back to shoe store for number?
  150. my stripper # close
  151. Supermarket Opener
  152. Anyone with EXPERIENCE gaming a porn star?
  153. Gaming an ex-stripper/Nevada Brothel Girl
  154. Stripper Field Report
  155. I am a stripper.
  156. Library Opener
  157. AFC and PUA contest in Stripper bar
  158. Giving a necklace to a stripper.
  159. Promoters etc...
  160. Stripper Mentality
  161. Strippers Outside the Club
  162. picking up a really busy bartender
  163. Hostess?????????????????
  164. Are these IOIs or her doing her job very very well
  165. Lapdance Question
  166. Advice needed for a cashier near me
  167. Is she trying to make me a regular? Does this sound like BS?
  168. Gaming your physiotherapist
  169. The waitress at club
  170. Stripper Game Insights
  171. Stripper Game Insights
  172. 'Career test' for hairdresser
  173. A stripper who opens me....
  174. A Stripper's Mentality: by VeraLynn
  175. Soul Gazing while she's working
  176. Advice Please?
  177. Hot Bartender, need advice
  178. Gym Hired Gun
  179. becoming the hired gun...
  180. Hired-gun opener (field tested)
  181. First time in strip club
  182. stripper game down side
  183. Stripper Game Insights II
  184. Stripper Game Insights II
  185. Anyone into freaks?
  186. Vegas...Where should one go... and more importantly sarge!
  187. Thread from another Forum: How would a stripper want to be approached?
  188. Car Show HBs...
  189. Strippers x2
  190. Super Conference
  191. Stripper Time!
  192. Strip Club Game?
  193. # closed 5 strippers in one night
  194. has anyone closed an escort??
  195. pissed an stripper off... what did i do wrong?
  196. spilled drink on stripper!!!/number closed lol...
  197. Strippers and Hired Guns - New Seminar!
  198. Moving in with a Stripper.. Need Advice
  199. Bartender Game
  200. crash course
  201. Tanning Girl (ugh!)
  202. First Number Close...What Should I do?
  203. How do i win this masseuse?
  204. Had Stripper and realized it after I dumped her.... want her back...haha
  205. Hired Gun at A party Im hosting
  206. Direct # close on bartender
  207. *Help* HB8 Bartender
  208. Super market girl
  209. First time in a strip club
  210. Picking Up Pornstars - a Field Guide :)
  211. Help with a CounterClerk
  212. been awhile
  213. First Exotic Dancer Pickup, working out the details in my head. Any suggestions?
  214. Stuff to open bartenders/cashiers with
  215. Strip Club Questions and Experiences
  216. When negs go wrong
  217. She took my number..
  218. information about hired guns needed
  219. Help Gaming The Subway Girl
  220. Questions On Being Direct To Hire Guns
  221. Hired gun opener.
  222. Stripper Opener?
  223. Advice - Hired Gun
  224. Need advice quick!
  225. Stripper advice
  226. Twins!!!!!!!!!!!
  227. Being a "hired gun" - hitting on customers?
  228. Go-Go dancer?
  229. A stripper buyer's remorse?
  230. Escorts - I've closed three of them - here's the "strategy"
  231. How to follow up with a stripper?
  232. night at ripper, turning off stripper programming
  233. number close
  234. strip club waitress hb
  235. Is this hired gun in to me??
  236. need help with holiday entertainer??
  237. Air Hostess's..... Any thoughts?
  238. eliminating the friend zone w/stripper
  239. Drive-thru pickup
  240. Help with bartender at bikini bar
  241. Stripper pick up - what now....?
  242. Question: Hired Gun off work, still Hired Gun game???
  243. Help with menswear sales assisant and gym desk girl?
  244. Can anyone want me to send PM about my local hired gun experience?
  245. Being played by a stripper is fun...sigh
  246. horny stripper..time for venue change!!
  247. i need serious help!!
  248. Bartender
  249. From client to friend/bf. Is it possible to reverse the situation
  250. Love Gauge - I Need help with hired guns !