Become an official attraction forums moderator.

The ever growing forum needs a few good people to join our small but close knit team of moderators/admins which will take on jobs, tasks and general clean up and running of the attraction forums.

What we are looking for.
Motivated and active people who can commit to some hours on the forum in the day/week, knowledge of V-bulletin forums or HTML is not a requirement as training and help will be on hand but any such knowledge will always come in handy however personality and attitude will be the most important attributes.
Those with high knowledge and experience of V-bulletin forums or HTML are also welcome to apply to become 'tech-guys' who are willing to take on the bigger tech tasks.
High personal skill level, high post counts and game knowledge is also not a requirement however a basic understanding of Love Systems and its triad model should be shown from past posts.

What the job entails.
Aside from basic patrolling the forums keeping an eye out for anything out of the ordinary there will be some tasks and jobs, these jobs will be issued out based on experience and how much spare time people can put into the forum.

The benefits.
Not only will you gain access to selected LS products (after completion of a probationary period) but this will also give you a unique opportunity to get your foot in the door of the LS and TAF inner circle.

How to apply.
If you feel you have something to offer and would like to have a crack at this opportunity, or would just like more information then send a PM to Miaddict or email him at with some info about yourself with why you would like to look into becoming a moderator and how you think you can contribute.
There will be a probationary period as a junior moderator before being moved up to full 'green' mod where there will be another 3 month probationary period where you will be 'buddied up' with one of the admin's so there will be plenty of help at hand and training.