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    my 2 cents:
    Good advice awl. College game seems to be more like social circle game so it is easier for men of any age to be labelled a creep. This obviously has further implications for a guy who is older than the girls.

    It is true that girls gravitate towards the older students. This natural pull did not happen to me when I was a student in his early 20s although I did notice the older students with a few girls following them to each class. This phenomena only happened to me when I took the role of the older student. I saw students who were older than myself in other classes who had female orbiters too.

    I would go so far as to say that the older student should never chase regular aged female students. He should have enough about him to pull the girls.

  2. Glad to hear there are other guys in the same boat as me! I just turned 28 and I'm starting my undergrad degree at the State U in two weeks - while everyone else in my high school class went straight to college, I did a stint in the service and lived overseas for a few years. Finally getting around to working on a degree.

    Honestly, I think men like us are in the best possible situation - we're largely free of the early twenty-something jitters, far more experienced in virtually every category and we have a better knowledge of who we really are and what we're made of; hence, confidence and self-assurance.

    Incidentally, I snagged an invitation to a house party a few months ago and met the most adorable, precocious 19-year-old HB8 - turns out that she has a boyfriend doing an internship out of state, but we ended up on my couch together the next evening and she ended up staying the night! This could end up being the best time of my life.

    Go forth and conquer, nontraditional students!

  3. Msu

    I cant wait to go back to school i am currently stuck in the Military for the next 2 years but in 2011 i am heading to MSU i will be 27 i think that is the perfect age older but not yet into creepy territory .

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    @awl and @Mister DNA - Thanks for the FR's. I'm glad you guys had a good time!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sol_Invictus
    I would go so far as to say that the older student should never chase regular aged female students. He should have enough about him to pull the girls.
    Just curious, how risky is this? I still get mistaken for a traditional-aged college student whenever I'm on college campuses. This is without even trying. It's not like I walk around wearing Hollister and otherwise acting age-inappropriately. Obviously, it's better to go after the HB's who give off IOI's first. But in my case, the women who want older guys might not gravitate to me on their own. Is it OK for a mid-30's guy to approach a college HB carefully, not making stupid moves like the guy who left the drunk phone calls? (Those drunk phone calls sound like a bad move even for a 21-year-old...)

    It might be a moot point. I still get no shortage of IOI's from the 18-22 crowd. Now, to get my game to the point where I can actually take advantage of them

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